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06 January 2011 @ 01:50 am
fanfic: I Wanna Hold Your Hand (13/17)  
Title: I Wanna Hold Your Hand (13/17)
Author: wanderinghope & thechroniclady
Pairings/Characters: Quinn/Tina
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 5,290
Spoilers: none
Summary: When paired together for their winter break Glee assignment, Quinn and Tina had no idea what they were getting into.

Previous Chapters: One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten | Eleven | Twelve

Chapter Thirteen

Fresh out of her early morning Cheerio practice, and from her pst practice shower, Quinn made her way to the library to meet Tina as she combed through her still damp hair. On mornings like this she avoided putting her hair up for as long as possible. Sometimes they met in the
morning before school, which was always welcome to Quinn. She could always use something happy in the morning, especially after being barked at by Coach Sylvester about her cartwheels at the ungodly hour.

Sneaking up on her girlfriend in the back corner of the library was always a highlight of these meetings too. She double checked to make sure no one could see them then wrapped her arms around Tina from behind. "Good morning," she greeted then gave a quick kiss to her cheek.

Tina was absent-mindedly flipping through the new novel she had to read for American Lit, not really paying attention to it and jumped a little when she suddenly felt a pair of arms wrap themselves around her. Quickly realizing it was Quinn, she relaxed and smiled, leaning back into her arms. “Morning,” she replied softly, cocking her head to the side to give Quinn better access to her cheek. “How was practice?”

Quinn gave Tina another kiss then moved to sit in the chair next to her. “Fine, I guess. Coach was kind of cranky but she probably just broke another juicer trying to blend bones or something," she said, rolling her eyes slightly. "How's your morning been going?"

“Very slow and a little boring, till now that is,” she said, still chuckling at the mental image Quinn had given her. She closed her book as Quinn sat down next to her and gave her a small smile. “Also, I got to bed kinda late, so I’m a little tired.”

“What were you doing up so late?” Quinn asked, eyebrow raised, maybe a little suggestively but what else was she supposed to think about?

Tina raised an eyebrow right back. “Whatever you think I was doing last night is probably more interesting than what I was actually doing,” she joked. “But if you really wanna know... I was playing Call of Duty with Mike and--” she stopped herself before saying Artie’s name, hoping Quinn would just ignore it to tease her instead.

Quinn raised her eyebrow again at Tina cutting herself off though mostly thought it was because she wanted to stop herself before she entirely nerded out. “Well if you want to take a break from your nerd life, I have a proposition for us this weekend. If you’re interested, that is.” She twirled her blonde hair as she looked at Tina.

Tina smiled and wondered if Quinn knew how adorable she was being right now. Glancing around them quickly, she leaned in to give her a peck on the lips. “I’m very interested. What did you have in mind?”

Figuring that no one was watching them since Tina had just kissed her, Quinn cupped the other girl’s face and gave her another kiss before settling back in her seat. “Well I was thinking we could go to Columbus for the day. They have a really nice ice skating rink and probably way better restaurants than in Lima... we could have a get away date,” she finished, biting her lip as she waited for Tina’s reaction.

“I haven’t gone ice skating in forever,” Tina said, feeling nostalgic. She’d already agreed to this in her head, but she sat there for a minute, thinking about all the things they could do together. Maybe they could even act like a real couple, with people around and everything. “That sounds perfect,” she said finally, coming back to earth.

Relieved that Tina agreed to her plan Quinn grinned. In her head, she couldn’t deny that this may have been prompted by them almost being caught by Puck and Finn at the movie theater, but it would also be really nice to get into civilization and actually do stuff. “I’m glad you agree,” Quinn said, giving her one last kiss. “But we should probably get to class now. We can finish planning later, okay?” She said as she stood up.

Tina stood up and grabbed her books. “Okay,” she agreed. She glanced down at one of Quinn’s hands, wishing it was the weekend now. It seemed like such a silly thing to want, just holding someone’s hand, but Tina wanted to, and badly. She’d prevented herself from saying anything, because she didn’t want to piss off Quinn, but it had been bugging her more and more lately, their secret relationship.

As they walked out of the library and into the hallway, Tina turned to Quinn. “See you in Chemistry,” she said, trying to sound as casual as possible.


It had been more than a month since Quinn and Tina first kissed, and the blonde thought things were going pretty well all things considered. Even though they were still keeping things quiet around school and in town (well everywhere really) about their relationship she enjoyed what she and Tina had and hoped that their Columbus date would go as well as she was planning.

Taking extra special care with her appearance that Saturday morning, she made sure she looked fabulous before leaving. Her mom was busy with her latest Interior Design project so she figured she wouldn’t be missed. The truth was Quinn would probably get home before her mother anyway. Whatever, she wasn’t going to worry about that when she had a day with her girlfriend to look forward to.

She hopped into her car and sent a quick text to Tina before leaving. On my way, dress warm! Today was going to be great.

Tina was especially excited for her date with Quinn in Columbus and she was just putting the finishing touches on her make-up when she heard her phone go off. After checking the text, she looked over herself once more in the mirror before grabbing her things and heading downstairs. Will do. See you in a bit!

The drive was short so Quinn was in front of Tina’s house in no time. Even though she wasn’t sure if Tina’s parents were home, she didn’t think it would be the right start to their date if she just honked the horn, expecting her to come out. She left the car running (it was actually quite cold out but she wasn't about to let anything ruin this) and went to the front door, knocking twice.

Tina was just putting her coat on when Quinn knocked at the door. She opened it immediately and beamed at her. “Hey!” she said, excitedly. Placing her gloved hands around Quinn’s waist, she pulled her in for a kiss. “Just so you know, this is going to be the most awesome date ever. I love ice skating.”

Quinn let out a little gasp of surprise when Tina pulled her in like that, but the kiss was definitely a welcomed one. "Someone is happy to see me," she smirked once they separated. "So are you ready? I have a surprise for you in the car," she said a little shyly.

“Yes. Very happy,” she said, matter-of-factly when she pulled away. Pulling the door closed behind her and locking the door, she gave Quinn another bright grin at the mention of a surprise. “Oooh, what is it?!” she asked, slightly feeling like a kid on Christmas morning (which she also celebrated!).

“Don’t get too excited,” Quinn said as they walked to her car. “I mean, it’s really not a big deal.” Once back in the car she pulled a purple scarf out of her purse and held it out. “I saw it when I was shopping with Brittany and Santana and they thought it was weird that I was buying something purple since I usually buy blue but whatever...” She stopped suddenly when she realized she had been rambling. “Um, yeah. Here.”

Tina held the scarf in both hands as she looked at it. It was pretty, and the exact same color as the walls in her room. It was just a scarf, but knowing that Quinn just randomly thought of her even when they weren’t together made her happy. She draped it over her neck and leaned in towards Quinn, draping the other half over her neck before giving her a kiss, drawing it out slowly before pulling away. “Thanks. I love it,” she said softly.

"I'm glad you like it," Quinn said, blushing. Once she was out of the slight daze she was in, she put her car in reverse and began their drive to Columbus. "My iPod is in my purse, you can pick the music," she said as she handed her bag over.

Tina settled back in her seat, removing her scarf for now because it was warm in the car. Digging around in Quinn’s purse, she quickly found her iPod and browsed through the songs. There was a lot of Top 40 stuff, but also some singer/songwriter type stuff as well. Settling for some John Mayer on shuffle, she sat back as Vultures spilled out of the speakers. “You passed the music test,” she joked, smirking slightly. “Our tastes are pretty different, but I didn’t see anything really awful on there.”

Now that they were done navigating around the city and were on the freeway, Quinn took one hand off the steering wheel and reached out to hold Tina's.

"If I had known it was a test there is no way I would have handed over my iPod like that. And seriously, who doesn't like John Mayer? Girls just melt at his feet and he gets to explore their wonderlands," Quinn said, snickering slightly.

“Well it’s more of a music pop quiz. You’re not supposed to know when it’s coming,” Tina said with a chuckle, entwining their fingers together. She grimaced slightly as Quinn went on about John Mayer. She liked him as a musician, but there was something about him that made him unattractive to Tina. “I like his music,” she answered, a little stiffer then she meant to.

“Is someone jealous?” Quinn asked, giving Tina’s hand a squeeze. “Don’t worry, I don’t want anyone but you exploring my wonderland,” she said, bringing Tina’s hand up to her mouth to place a kiss there. It took her a moment to realize what she had just said but once she did her eyes went wide. “Not that I am pushing sex between us... I am totally fine waiting until whenever it’s supposed to happen. Or whatever.”

Any jealousy there was, was quickly forgotten at Quinn’s words. Tina’s eyes widened slightly and she waited for Quinn to realize what she’d just said; a smile breaking out on her face when she did. Returning the squeeze to Quinn’s hand, she decided against teasing Quinn about her little bit of word vomit just now. “You’re the only one I want exploring my wonderland too,” she said simply, smirking as she looked out the window, wondering if Quinn would notice the light blush on her cheeks.

Since Quinn was pretty sure she was blushing as well, she decided not to tease Tina about her own flush. “Well I’m glad we agree. About the, um, exploring of wonderlands,” she said, again realizing she just kept saying the most moronic things. “You know I should really just stop talking.”

“I’d be really bummed if you did,” Tina said, laughing. Though a part of her was kind of nervous, because she was being serious about wanting Quinn to explore her wonderland and even though they’d done a lot of exploring already, they hadn’t quite entered wonderland territory.

"I guess I would be a little bummed too," Quinn said smirking. She was relieved there was no more wonderland talk other wise her face would burn off. Besides, talking about sex always made it less, well, sexy.

The rest of the drive went relatively well and as they got closer to the city, she glanced at Tina. "So what kind of food do you want for lunch? Or should we skate first?"

Tina watched the city get closer out the window and felt her excitement grow, and her stomach rumble a little at the mention of food. “I didn’t have breakfast yet, so I’m leaning towards food. But I’m good with either,” she said. “But as for where we go, I’ll let you decide. I’m not a picky eater.”

“We’ll eat first. I don’t want either of us getting cranky because we’re hungry,” Quinn said, laughing slightly. “Plus we’ll need energy for later. Ice skating takes energy,” she said with a definitive nod as she started driving towards where she remembered a few good restaurants being. “Let me know when you see something and I’ll stop.”

Tina looked out the window, a little thrown off by how many people were out and about, even though it was really cold out. People in Lima practically hibernated during the winter, and weren’t just out unless they had to be. An Italian restaurant caught her attention and she pointed at it. “How about there? I could go for some kinda pasta,” she said.

Quinn nodded and pulled into the parking lot, getting as close a spot she could. It was cold and she didn’t want to be walking half way across Columbus! Once out of the car she walked around and caught up with Tina, grabbing her hand immediately.

Still holding Tina’s hand when they walked in, Quinn had a brief panic of wanting to pull away just because she wasn’t used to this, but instead she just grabbed on tighter. “Table for two please,” she said once they were at the hostess podium.

Tina gave Quinn’s hand a reassuring squeeze and smiled politely at the hostess before she led them to a table. She shared the same polite, borderline shit eating, grin with nearly everyone they passed on the way. Some of them ignored her, yet some of them returned it. And if there was one judgemental eye in the vicinity, Tina couldn’t find it, and she didn’t care to. She was just happy to finally be out with her girlfriend.

When they reached their table, Tina actually pulled out Quinn’s chair for her, feeling randomly romantic, before taking a seat and pulling her menu towards her. “This place is nice,” she said, taking off her coat and settling more into her seat.

At first Quinn kept looking around nervously but once she realized that no one was looking at them and that no one even cared that she just so happened to be out with a girl, she relaxed. “Yeah, it is,” Quinn said as she took her own coat off, revealing yet another low cut shirt she had worn for Tina’s benefit.

She flipped through her menu and grinned at the last page. “Can we get dessert? I don’t think Coach Sylvester is good enough to have spies out of Lima so I can actually order something over 400 calories.” It was such a stupid thing to be happy about, but today really was going perfect.

Tina’s eyes only lingered on Quinn’s chest for a few moments before she realized she was being terribly obvious and made a show of flipping through her menu, a light blush firmly in place. “Uh... yeah, definitely,” she said once she had cleared her head a bit. “We can even share one if you like,” she suggested. That was a couple-y thing to do, right? She was kinda hoping they could get in as many couple-y things as possible, since this was only for a limited time. Until they got back to Lima.

Quinn leaned forward towards Tina, mostly just to be teasing, before saying quietly, “You know, I wore the shirt so you could look. It’s okay. I mean, if that was what you were doing...” After straightening back up, she just went on as if that hadn’t happened. “Sharing is good. I still have to pass my weekly weigh in, so that’s a good plan.”

“Oh...” Tina said, biting her lip as she smiled. She glanced down at her own shirt, while not as low cut, still gave Quinn nice visual access to her clavicle... if one liked that kind of thing. “Good to know,” she said, more to herself as she went back to looking at her menu. Tucking some hair behind her ear, she decided on a simple order of spaghetti and meat balls before closing her menu. “Okay. That’s what we’ll do,” she said a little louder, picking up where Quinn left off about their food.

Quinn just smirked slightly and went back to looking at her menu. Eventually their waiter came to take their order, and after much debate Quinn finally settled on some pesto and chicken dish, before she and Tina were left alone again. She instinctively looked around to make sure people weren’t gawking at them and reached across the table for Tina’s hand. “So, I like this. It feels good being out of Lima and actually doing something, you know?”

“Me too,” Tina said happily, absent-mindedly running her thumb across Quinn’s knuckles. “I just like being out with you in general, you know... without the worry.” Clearing her throat, she backtracked slightly. “I mean, it just sucks Lima can’t be more like Columbus, I guess.”

“I know what you mean. But we’ll never see these people again so we don’t have to worry about what they think,” Quinn said, as if that were the most logical thing.

Their waiter returned then with a basket of bread for them, his eyes lingering on their joined hands only a moment. And Quinn didn’t think it was a disgusted look, more of a look that the blonde read as him being jealous he couldn’t get in on their hotness, but it was probably subjective to interpretation.

“Thanks,” Quinn said politely before focusing on Tina again. “When is the last time you went ice skating? I think it’s been... maybe four years? My sister and I used to go together. But then she like graduated and stuff and moved away for college so I haven’t really been since.”

Tina didn’t worry about what the majority of the people in her own hometown thought of her. It wasn’t her worry she was talking about, but she let the subject drop.

“Two years,” she answered immediately. “Or about two years. It was with my mom. She was on sabbatical for a while, working on some thesis or something, I don’t know. But she was at home more, and we went ice skating for my birthday.” Which was right around the corner when she thought about it. However, she didn’t think she’d be going ice skating with her mom any time soon. But going with Quinn was, if anything, the perfect alternative.

“When is your birthday?” Quinn asked, feeling a little stupid now. Obviously it was in winter since she went ice skating, but if she had missed it she would feel like the worst person ever.

“The 31st of this month,” she said, smiling knowingly. She didn’t actually know Quinn’s birthday either, so she couldn’t exactly be upset that Quinn didn’t know hers. “So you’re good,” she teased. “When is yours?”

“Whew, well I’m glad I haven’t missed it. I would feel like... so bad. You’re safe too though, mine isn’t until July 3rd.” There was a little voice in the back of her mind that wondered if they would even still be together then, but those kinds of thoughts were the kind that would ruin her best day ever so she pushed them away. Luckily just in time for their food to come out.

After their waiter was gone, Quinn looked down at both their dishes. “This looks so much nicer than anything we could have gotten in Lima. Except that really sleazy pizza place is so good. Probably because it’s so terrible... but anyway...” she rambled on before shutting herself up with a bite of food.

In the back of her head, Tina also wondered if they’d be together by Quinn’s birthday. Or if she’d make all the same mistakes she’d made with Artie. Pushing those thoughts back down so she didn’t have to think about them, she brought her attention back to Quinn, who was talking now.

“Oh, yeah, it is,” she said with a chuckle. “And for a place not called Breadsticks, theirs are actually pretty awesome,” she joked, glancing at the half eaten one of three she’d eaten on her bread plate.

Quinn laughed at that. “Oh my God, I know. I swear, it’s like the only restaurant in Lima and then they can’t even get that right when it is their name.” She dipped some of the bread into her pesto sauce just to emphasize her point. “Uh, do you want to try some of mine?” That seemed really couple-y to her, but they were dating so it wasn’t too weird she was offering, right?

Tina smiled and nodded. “Sure,” she said, and then picked up her own fork, which was rolled up in her own food. “You wanna try some of mine too?” she offered.

“Yeah, sure,” Quinn said as she picked up her fork, which already had some chicken and pasta on it. “So, do we just trade forks?” She asked before giggling at how this was slightly ridiculous that she was nervous about something like this.

Tina shrugged and laughed, feeling somewhat ridiculous herself. “Unless you wanted to feed me yourself,” she said, laughing still. However, she wouldn’t have said no.

Quinn felt herself laughing again, but it sort of felt like happy, yet awkward, laugh that happened after a first kiss or something. “Yeah, I can do that,” she said, biting her lip as she grinned, and leaned over the table, holding her fork out for Tina.

Tina bit her lip, feeling herself blush before holding out her own fork and then leaned forward, cleaning Quinn’s fork with her mouth. Maybe drawing it out a little longer than necessary, just to tease.

Concentrating so hard on watching Tina’s mouth on her fork (which was oddly hot, and really not fair) she didn’t notice until several moments later that Tina was holding out a bite of spaghetti for her. She was too flushed to even attempt to tease and just did her best to eat it without making a mess.

After swallowing, thankfully not choking, and taking a sip of water, she cleared her throat. “Um, it’s good. Did you like it?”

Tina nodded, taking a sip of her own water. “Yeah. It’s really good.” She wanted to say she’d have to get it herself sometime, but she had no idea when, or even if they’d ever come back here. But she was hopeful. And if she could get away with feeding Quinn in public, then maybe...

She leaned over the table, silently inviting Quinn in for a kiss. Hoping she wouldn’t be rebuffed.

Even when Quinn had been with Finn she didn’t just go making out with him in public, but a sweet little kiss couldn’t hurt right? It’s not like they would get carried away like they had in the movie theater. With that in mind, the blonde leaned forward as well, giving Tina a slow but gentle kiss, then settled back in her chair. The only problem now was that Quinn had no idea what to say, she was a little dazed and happy that she just kissed her girlfriend at a restaurant.

Tina tried not to smile too much as she settled back in her seat. But she was probably failing at it. She scratched the back of her head and let her eyes wander around a bit before finally settling on Quinn. She let out a nervous laugh, while racking her brain for something not completely moronic to say. “Um... so, you have a sister? What’s she do?” Kinda random, yes, but not completely idiotic. She hoped.

The sudden change of topic (not that there really had been a topic before besides lips on each other) caught Quinn off guard and she giggled. “Oh, um, well she’s married. And he owns a UPS store... or maybe more than one, I don’t know. But she works there. They’re sort of like, disgustingly together all the time,” she said, rolling her eyes slightly. “I mean, not that it’s bad, just usually working together is a bad idea but they’re really good at it or something.” God why couldn’t she top rambling?!

That sounded like exactly the kind of life Tina did not want. It was perfectly midwestern and suburban. No thank you. But that made her wonder if it was the kind of life Quinn wanted, which was maybe an odd thing to concern herself with. “Oh, that’s nice. I’ve always wanted a... sibling. I do have a lot of cousins, but it’s not quite the same.”

Quinn shrugged. “I guess you always want what you can’t have. I love my sister and stuff but I’m kind of jealous that you’re an only child. You don’t have anyone to be compared to. I’m pretty sure my parents... uh, well just my mom now, expect me to end up just like Thea but I think I would rather die,” she said, dramatically.

Tina smiled. Pleased that Quinn had answered her question without her having to ask. “I don’t blame you,” she admitted. “I mean, I guess that kind of life works for some people, but... I don’t know. I can’t imagine like, getting married or having kids or staying in Ohio... ever.” It wasn’t that she had a clear vision of exactly what she wanted to do though either. “So, where do you want to end up?” she asked, trying to sound casual.

“I don’t know really. I wouldn’t mind staying in Ohio as long as it was like, Columbus or Cleveland or something. Definitely not staying in Lima though. Um, what about you?” Quinn asked, before taking a bite of food. This seemed like a semi-serious discussion but they didn’t know each other that well on the friend front and they said they were going to work on that. It wasn’t like this was turning into some love dedication conversation or anything.

Tina took a second to think about it. “Hmm, I don’t really want to stay in Ohio. Maybe somewhere out east, like New York or Massachusetts. I’m partial to the East Coast. But then again, I also wouldn’t mind maybe living in San Francisco or Portland. Maybe all of it,” she said, laughing. “I’m kinda hoping whatever I end up doing allows me to travel.” Luckily her interests would lead her to work in a field that probably would. “I get restless easily,” she admitted.

“Cool,” Quinn said as she finished off her lunch. “Traveling would be cool. Hopefully I will like, study abroad or something in college. That would be cool.” And really, Quinn did like traveling but she sort of worried about Tina’s use of the word ‘restless’ ... Was she going to get restless with her? Quinn didn’t want to be risking the chance of being disowned (again) if Tina was just going to get sick of her.

“Yeah... I actually still haven’t decided if I’m going to college,” she said quietly. She probably would, but sometimes she wondered if there was a point in going to school for art or performing. However, she knew her parents would freak if she didn’t. “If I did, I’d go to an art school. But sometimes I think art schools are kinda... pointless.”

Instead of going into how Tina would be better off getting a normal degree because there was a small chance she’d get into real acting, Quinn just held her tongue and nodded. “Well I’m sure you’ll figure it out.”

The current topic of conversation was seriously killing their perfect date mood though so Quinn quickly changed the subject. “So, what should we get for dessert?”

Welcoming the change in subject, Tina reached over for the dessert menu and flipped it open, positioning it so they could both read. “I think I’m leaning towards the blueberry cheesecake myself, but we’re sharing, right? Is there anything that catches your eye?” she asked, her cheerful mood almost back in place.

“No, that sounds perfect. And so off limits to me normally, so we should definitely get it,” Quinn said, already back in a good mood with the prospect of dessert.

“Great,” Tina said, luckily catching the eye of their waiter and ordering for them. It only took about five minutes before he was back with their dessert. Tina picked up her fork and sectioned off a bite, holding it up to Quinn. “You first.”

“You’re sweet,” Quinn said as she leaned forward to accept the bite of cheesecake. She knew that was quite a terrible pun but maybe it was so bad she would think it was cute. Hopefully. All thoughts about that, though, were forgotten as she tasted the blueberry cheesecake. Her eyes slowly shut and she let out a low, appreciative moan. “So good. You need to try this.” She quickly had a bite on her fork and held it out to Tina. “And if you don’t like it, you clearly have no taste buds.”

Tina could honestly have just watched Quinn eat it and be perfectly satisfied. Especially if she was going to make those noises. Flushing slightly, she leaned forward and took a bite. Oh... it was ridiculously good. Giving a short, appreciative groan herself, she nodded in agreement with Quinn’s statement. “Taste buds intact. That’s delicious.”

Figuring they could feed themselves now, Quinn nodded in agreement and took another bite. “I think I might have to come back here just for the cheesecake,” she said after finishing that fork full.

For some reason, that statement alone made Tina really happy. More trips to Columbus meant more being out and couple-y in public. “Yeah, me too,” she said, cheerfully. Because it was so good, it didn’t take them too long before they nearly finished it. With only a few bites left, Tina placed her fork down and leaned back in her chair. “Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m full.”

Quinn took one final bite before admitting defeat as well. “Next time we’ll have to finish the whole thing,” she said, reaching out for Tina’s hand again.

Soon enough their waiter came to take away their plates and drop off the bill. The blonde immediately grabbed it and put her credit card (well her mom’s) down. “You can pay next time,” she said before Tina could protest. “But I invited you on this date, so I’m paying.”

Tina stared at the card for a second before nodding and taking her hand out of her coat pocket, where she’s been reaching for her own wallet. “... Okay,” she finally agreed, giving Quinn a small smile. “Thank you,” she added, placing a light kiss on the back of Quinn’s hand as the waiter came back around to pick up the check.

Quinn waited until they were out of the restaurant to give Tina a proper ‘you’re welcome’ kiss (not because she was worried about people seeing two girls together, but because she knew she never appreciated seeing any two people suck face in a restaurant) then gave her a smile. “It was no biggie,” she said before dragging Tina back to the car. She was really excited about ice skating all of a sudden.