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06 January 2011 @ 01:54 am
fanfic: I Wanna Hold Your Hand (14/17)  
Title: I Wanna Hold Your Hand (14/17)
Author: wanderinghope & thechroniclady
Pairings/Characters: Quinn/Tina
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 7,439
Spoilers: none
Summary: When paired together for their winter break Glee assignment, Quinn and Tina had no idea what they were getting into.

Previous Chapters: One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten | Eleven | Twelve | Thirteen

Chapter Fourteen

Tina stood outside and looked at the ice skating rink, while waiting for Quinn to join her on her side of the car. A large, excited smile lit up her face. It had been so long since she last went ice skating and now she was there, with Quinn. Even though Tina was never much for public displays of affection, she wanted to get in as much as possible before they went back to not even being able to hold hands in public.

A quick glance around the parking lot told her it would be busy inside, but it didn’t look ridiculously crowded. It was perfect, just like the entire day was turning out to be. She reached out for Quinn hand when she was by her side and smiled at her. “Not gonna lie, I’m a little nervous. It’s been a while since I skated, I hope I don’t fall on my ass too much.”

Quinn gave Tina’s hand a reassuring squeeze and began leading her into the rink so they could rent their skates. She glanced down at Tina’s ass then back up at her face, smirking. “Don’t worry, if you get hurt I’ll make you feel better,” she said before they approached the counter.

“Hi, two pairs please. I’m a size seven...and...” Quinn looked at Tina. She didn’t know Tina’s shoe size but they were still in the early stages of things. It took her months of dating Finn to know his shoe size was a size 11, and that was only because she needed to help him pick out dress shoes for some wedding his mom dragged him to.

“Yeah, I bet you will,” Tina said with a smirk. She gave a small, polite smile to the guy behind the counter before aimlessly glancing around while Quinn got their skates. Her attention was drawn back when she sensed Quinn looking at her. “Oh, uh, yeah, seven. Me too,” she answered quickly.

The guy behind the counter handed both pairs over before turning his attention to the next customer. Quinn handed Tina her pair then grabbed her own so they could go to a bench and lace up. “That’s convenient. We can share shoes. Well, I mean, if I ever get the desire to wear combat boots,” she said, an amused expression on her face.

Once the blonde’s skates were all tied, she stood up and held a hand out for Tina again. Although Quinn hadn’t been ice skating in a long time she roller bladed a lot on the summer. It couldn’t be that much different right?

“Or when the day comes that I suddenly feel like wearing ballet flats,” Tina joked, as she laced up her own skates. Grabbing Quinn’s hand, they carefully made their way over to the ice. She’d forgotten how awkward walking in skates was. Gingerly stepping out onto the ice, she reached out for the railing, her other hand still holding onto Quinn’s until both feet were on the ice.

Quinn tried not to laugh too much at Tina’s awkwardness on the skates, but she wasn’t completely at home on the ice too so she knew by the end of the day she would probably be falling down at least once. “Are you going to manage okay?” she teased.

“Don’t worry. I got this,” Tina said seriously, eyes concentrating on her feet. Finally letting go of Quinn’s hand, she pushed forward slightly and felt herself glide pretty easily. “Like riding a bicycle... right?” Figuring that after getting over the initial awkwardness, she’d start feeling comfortable on the ice again. She used to be quite good.

There was something about this that made Quinn want to show off so once Tina let go of her hand (though she had been quite bummed about it) she dug in the toe pick slightly until she was skating backwards. It was actually easier to do this on ice skates than on roller blades because there wasn’t a break in the back to trip her up. “Right, just like a bicycle,” Quinn said, smirking back at Tina.

Tina returned the smirk with on of her own, though she was kind of impressed. She skated forward, leaning in towards Quinn as she passed. “Skating backwards was actually how I learned to skate,” she said softly before turning around and doing just that, but slowly. “It actually took me a while to get the hang of skating normally,” she called out.

“Oh well look at you showing off now,” Quinn teased as she slowed down until she could turn around to skate regularly again then caught up with Tina. “It’s kind of hot.”

Smiling, Tina waited until Quinn caught up with her before turning around and grabbing hold of her hand again. “Really? Well, I may have another trick or two up my sleeve. I could show you,” she added, raising an eyebrow suggestively.

Quinn licked her bottom lip subconsciously as she looked sideways at Tina. “Really? Why don’t you show me then?”

Tina looked ahead at the ice and grimaced slightly. “Okay, but like I said, it’s been a while. So you’re either about to see something kinda cool, or else... really funny.”

She skated forward a bit and dug her left toe pick into the ice, both arms outstretched as she slowly started to spin. Quickly pulling in her arms, she brought her feet closer together, still spinning. She tried not to look down at her feet, but she must have done so very quickly and without realizing, because she stumbled suddenly as she lost her balance. However, she quickly righted herself and glided out of the spin.

The blonde couldn’t deny that she was impressed and sped up until she was next to Tina again. “That was really good. Though...” Quinn bit her lip in attempt to hide her mischievous grin, “I was kind of hoping you’d fall on your ass. Guess I won’t need to make you feel better,” she said innocently before speeding up and skating off, glancing backwards a few moments later challengingly.

Tina chuckled lightly before trying to catch up. “Yeah, well, ask me to try a Salchow jump, and you won’t be disappointed.” The idea of falling on her ass and embarrassing herself didn’t seem quite as unappealing if it meant Quinn would take care of her after.

Quinn smirked when Tina caught up to her and reached out for her hand, lacing their fingers together. “That’s okay, I like doing just this too,” she said before bringing Tina’s hand up to her mouth, planting a kiss on the top of it.

Tina let out a relieved sigh while reaching out for Quinn’s hand. “I agree. This is much more enjoyable,” she said before speeding up a little past Quinn before turning around to face her, skating backwards. “Though, if I fall now, you’ll definitely be coming with me,” she joked.

“Don’t jinx us, Chang,” Quinn said, grinning, though after that worked extra hard on skating carefully. She was pretty sure this was going to lead to disaster and she didn’t want it to be her fault.

“Don’t worry. I’m already feeling way more at ease,” she said, smiling brightly. “Though if you don’t trust me, you could always let go of my hand.”

Quinn giggled slightly, though probably inappropriately, as the scene from Titanic between Rose and Jack popped into her head. And before she could stop herself she said, rather dramatically, “I’ll never let go,” before bursting into more laughter.

Tina paused before laughing nervously, slightly confused about what was going on. She hadn’t thought she’d said anything funny. But maybe she was just missing something. “Never, huh?” she asked, giving Quinn a small smile.

Before Quinn had time to explain herself, or at least inquire about the expression on Tina’s face, her skate got caught in a rut or something and she fell forward into Tina, knocking them both on the ice.

“Oh my God, I’m so sorry,” Quinn said as she automatically moved to get off Tina, though as an after thought, decided maybe this wasn’t such a bad position after all. She scooted back in closer, straddling one of Tina’s legs. “Are you okay? I guess I do get to make you feel better now,” she said, laughing nervously.

Tina took in a sharp breath, all the air knocked out of her when she fell, before she started laughing. “It’s okay. My butt is now cold and wet and maybe a little sore, but I’m fine.” She propped herself up on her hands, ignoring, for a moment, the cold ice her palms were pressing into. “Right here? With everyone watching? I had no idea you were so kinky, Fabray,” she teased.

“Yeah, that’s much more your thing, isn’t it?” Quinn smirked before leaning forward and pressing her lips against Tina’s, not even caring that some guy skating by just whistled at them. After a few moments, she pulled back, smiling shyly. “Are you feeling better yet?”

Sticking her tongue out at Quinn, Tina chuckled lightly as Quinn kissed her. She could hear the sound of skates speeding past them as they sat there, but Tina found she couldn’t care less. Her eyes fluttered open slowly when Quinn pulled away. “Oh, uh... no,” she said, making a show of putting a hand on her lower back and faking a look of pain. “I think I need you to keep making me feel better, just... a little,” she said, barely holding in her giggles.

“I think you’re taking advantage of me,” Quinn pouted, though that didn’t stop her from leaning in again to kiss her, this time lifting a hand up to cup Tina’s face. She let the kiss go on longer this time, and nibbled at the bottom of the other girl’s lip before breaking apart. “Now?”

Tina smiled into the kiss, and let herself get lost in the feel of Quinn’s lips on hers. So that after Quinn pulled away, she said, “yes.” Without realizing what she was answering, and thinking Quinn was asking her a very different question. “I mean... what?” she asked, trying to shake herself out of the daze she was in.

“I left you speechless with just a kiss?” Quinn asked smugly then gave Tina another quick peck. “Are you getting cold? I could get up,” she said, pushing herself up so she was hovering over Tina now.

Tina actually wasn’t minding the cold all that much, but she made herself stand up anyway. They weren’t drawing as much attention to themselves as they would have back home. However, that would probably change if they let themselves get carried away. “A little. But we should probably get up anyway.”

Quinn gave Tina a hug once they were both standing, pretending to lose her balance so she could hold onto the other girl a little longer. She had pretty much forgotten that she was worried about being watched and judged because she was having such a good time. “Do you want to skate some more now?”

Tina was only confused for a second before she realized what Quinn was doing. She wrapped her arms around Quinn’s waist and rested her head on Quinn’s shoulder, lightly. She felt her cheeks flush slightly at the feel of Quinn’s breath on her ear. A small part of her did want to keep skating, but the majority of her wanted to take off somewhere more private. “Up to you. I’m okay with whatever you decide.”

“I think I’ve done enough skating,” Quinn said with a smirk. “Your parents are gone right now too, right? We could go make out or something,” she said, giving Tina a grin then another peck on the lips. It was nice being so carefree like this.

Tina chuckled softly as a smile slowly spread across her face. “Yes they are. And that sounds like a great idea,” she said, returning the peck with one of her own. Drawing it out a little longer this time.

With a grin, Quinn led Tina off the ice and once they were back in their normal shoes and their skates were returned, rushed off to her car. Once they were back on the highway she reached over for Tina’s hand and have her a sideways glance, smiling. “This was a good day.”

Tina ran her thumb lightly over Quinn’s knuckles, before entwining their fingers together. “Best day ever,” she said, grinning. Leaning back in her seat, she tried to relax and not think about the hour long drive they still had ahead of them. Keeping her hand in Quinn’s, because it was something.

Quinn decided mostly to focus on driving so she didn’t talk much during the drive. As she pulled off the highway onto the Lima exit she gave Tina’s hand a squeeze. “Are you awake over there still?”

Tina had taken to staring out the window, just to give her eyes something to do and distract herself during the drive. Turning to Quinn, she smiled, “yeah. Definitely still awake.” In fact, the closer to Lima they got, the more tense Tina became.

“Is everything okay?” Quinn asked, glancing over. She had mostly thought the silence had been a comfortable one, but now she was picking up on a different vibe and it worried her.

Tina blushed slightly and told herself to relax. “Yeah, everything’s fine,” she said, trying to sound calm and giving Quinn’s hand a reassuring squeeze. “I’m just ready to get back to my place,” she added with a smirk.

Giggling slightly and blushing as well, Quinn turned into Tina’s neighborhood and pulled into her driveway. “I’m ready too.” It felt like she was saying she was ready for a lot more though.

After pulling into Tina’s driveway, they walked up to the door, Tina quickly locating her keys and unlocking it. “Hello?” she called out once it was open. She just wanted to be certain that no one was home. When there was no answer, she pulled Quinn inside, closing the door behind them. “I just wanted to be sure,” Tina said, turning back to her.

“Oh good, the perfect date continues,” Quinn said mischievously as she stalked towards Tina. Once she was right in front of her, the blonde reached out to wrap her arms around Tina’s waist and pulled her closer. “So I can do this, right?” She asked before leaning in for a kiss.

“Yes you can.” Running her hands slowly up and down Quinn’s arms before digging her fingers into her skin. Hard enough to leave a mark, but not enough to actually hurt. She ran her tongue slowly along Quinn’s bottom lip, before she slowly started to lead her over to the stairs.

Quinn let out a whimper at Tina’s rough touch before chuckling slightly. “Is this payback for making you fall on your ass? Because it’s not really punishment,” she said with a smirk then moved out of Tina’s hold and grabbed her hand, pulling her upstairs and into the other girl’s room.

Tina barely heard what Quinn was saying to her. But she did want to hear that noise again, so she tightened her grip, running her hands a little rougher than before until her brain finally registered Quinn’s question. “That comes later,” she said, her voice gritty. As they entered her room, she latched her mouth onto Quinn’s neck and pushed her up against the door, unnerved by the sound of it banging shut.

The blonde let out more of a gasp this time when she was shoved against the door. She looked back at Tina, wide eyed, before hitching one of her legs up around the other girl’s hip to pull her closer. “Really? I--I can’t wait.” Her voice was a little shaky but it wasn’t every day you get ravished against a door like this.

Tina brought her lips back to Quinn’s, catching her bottom lip with her teeth. She moved one hand up to bury itself in Quinn’s hair, while the other trailed down to the leg attached to her hip. She ground her hips up against Quinn, rocking a few times for good measure. “Yeah. Me too,” she said, finally.

Quinn threw her head back and knocked it against the door, immediately letting out a groan of pain. “Ow, fuck... bed, now.”

Tina tried not to laugh, but a snicker or two might have escaped. “Yes, ma’am,” she said, letting Quinn’s leg down and pulling her over towards the bed. She moved her hand to the back of Quinn’s head and rubbed softly. “You okay?” she asked, giving her a brief kiss on the cheek.

“Yeah I’m fine. But I’m sure you could make me feel better if I did happen to be hurt. You know, now that I think of it, I’m really hurt. Make me feel better,” Quinn said, smirking happily at Tina.

Laughing, Tina gently pushed Quinn down on the bed. “I can do that,” she said, climbing over her as she spoke. “Lie down,” she whispered before placing a random kiss on Quinn’s jaw.

Quinn kept her eyes on Tina as she positioned herself more comfortably on the bed and laid back. “Now what?”

Straddling Quinn’s hips, Tina bit her lip, eyes roaming over Quinn’s body, wondering where to start first. “Let me worry about that,” she said with a smirk.

She pushed up Quinn’s shirt, letting her hands trail up and down her stomach appreciatively before bending down and lightly tracing random patterns with her tongue. She moved up slowly, pushing up Quinn’s shirt more and more as she went. “Off,” she grunted, her mouth never leaving Quinn’s abs.

Quinn bit her lip and considered leaving the shirt on just to annoy Tina but she would much rather be having the physical kind of satisfaction rather than the mental kind so she nodded and leaned forward so she could more easily get rid of her shirt. “Bra too?” She asked quietly as a hand reached out to tuck some hair behind Tina’s ear.

“Yes,” Tina said, and took that opportunity to lean up herself and remove her own shirt. She reached back to unclasp her own bra, but didn’t take it off. For some reason, she wanted Quinn to do it for her. “Think you could take care of mine too?” she asked, with a smirk.

After making quick work of her bra and tossing it away, Quinn watched intently as Tina stripped out of her own shirt. “I think I could help with that,” she said with a small grin and leaned more into her, running her hands up and down Tina’s side slowly before reaching back and unclasping the garment.

After kissing along her sternum, Quinn moved back to pull the bra off and threw that off the bed to rest with her own. Now that they were both topless, the blonde laid back and looked at Tina expectantly for her next move.

Tina slowly ran one finger down from Quinn’s neck to the hem of her jeans, thinking out her next move and admiring the sight before her. Shirtless Quinn would never get old. Her eyes trailed down to her hand, still resting on the front of Quinn’s pants. She moved to unbutton them, but before she did, looked up to make eye contact. “Can I?” she asked, her voice coming out quieter than she meant it to. But this was new territory.

For some reason Quinn sort of knew in the back of her mind that this was where today was going and she really wanted it to happen so she just nodded and moved her hips up so Tina could pull her jeans down.

Biting her lip, Tina unbuttoned Quinn’s jeans and made to pull them down. She had to slide down off the bed to pull them off completely. Her eyes drinking in as much as they could take. She stood up and unbuttoned her own pants, holding one hand out to Quinn. “Come here,” she said softly. She was kind of into the idea of Quinn being the one to undress her.

Quinn moved so she was seated in front of Tina and inched the zipper down, parting the flaps so she could kiss at the hem of Tina’s underwear softy before looking up to meet the other girl’s gaze. She kept her eyes glued to Tina’s face as she shimmied the pants off of the other girl then rubbed her hands up and down the back of her bare thighs. “You have really nice legs.”

Tina gasped slightly at the kiss, her eyes transfixed on Quinn’s hands. “So do you,” she said roughly. Though she hadn’t gotten a chance to really appreciate them in her anticipation. She held onto Quinn’s shoulders and leaned down to kiss her. Her breathing was considerably more laboured now, her nerves building.

“And nice lips,” Quinn smirked against Tina’s mouth. She returned the kiss a few more moments before wrapping an arm around Tina’s waist and leaned backwards so they both fell back into the bed. “And a nice ass,” she whispered then moved her hand down further to cup her.

Tina laughed as she let herself be pulled down on the bed. Quinn’s comments were making her considerably less nervous. “Tell me more,” she said, moving her mouth down to Quinn’s breasts, flicking a nipple with her tongue before sucking on it gently.

Quinn arched her back up slightly into Tina’s mouth and slipped her hand into Tina’s underwear, grabbing at bare flesh. “How am I supposed to focus if your mouth is doing that to me?” She said with a moan.

Tina jerked her hips suddenly, letting out a low groan. “Well, I could always stop if you want,” she teased.

“No,” Quinn said almost immediately but bit her lip to stop herself from further begging. Quinn Fabray didn’t beg. Well sometimes she did. But... she wasn’t begging at this moment. “Do you want me to stop?” She asked after a moment then gave Tina’s ass a firm squeeze.

“No,” Tina said calmly. She could tease all she wanted, but she had no intention of stopping. Again, she ground her hips into Quinn’s thigh. Just before moving her mouth over to Quinn’s other breast to give it the same treatment, she said, “but I do want you to move your hand around to...” Where it was wanted. She trailed off, assuming Quinn would figure out the rest.

The breath hitched in Quinn’s throat at Tina working over her nipple again and gave another light squeeze to her ass. She moved her her hand to the front of Tina’s underwear, tentatively letting her fingertip graze the top of her clit. “You mean right here?” She asked, her voice quiet but serious.

With a sharp intake a breath, Tina briefly stopped all movement. “That’s exactly what I mean,” Tina said, moving her lips up to Quinn’s for a kiss, while trying not to grind against Quinn’s finger. With one hand gripping the sheets on one side of Quinn’s head, she ran the other one along Quinn’s side before slipping it under the hem of her underwear. She rubbed two fingers along Quinn’s clit, experimentally. “Like this,” she said, sounding more confident than she felt.

Quite honestly, Quinn was worried about messing up so she was glad (though left a little breathless) when Tina gave her a hands on demonstration. She bit her lip, moaning slightly. “Good to know,” she finally choked out then tried to mimic the motion. She straddled Tina’s clit with her pointer and middle finger and applied a little pressure. “What about that?”

Tina’s eyes fluttered shut and this time she did move against Quinn’s fingers. “That works too,” she manages to get out. She moves her middle finger lower and pushes in slowly, moving her thumb around in circles against Quinn’s clit. “This is also a good strategy.”

“I--I can’t, oh my--think when you do that,” Quinn moaned out, moving her hips up into Tina’s hand, causing her finger to move in further. “Tina--” The blonde really couldn’t focus on anything but was really trying to keep her fingers moving on the other girl’s clit so it wasn’t just one sided.

“Then don’t try,” Tina said, pushing her finger in deeper and speeding up the pace. She kept her hips moving against Quinn’s hand, The sounds coming from her only spurring Tina on further. Her lips attacked every inch of skin they could reach, kissing, biting, and licking. She pressed down on Quinn’s clit to make sure she didn’t come yet, and slowed her movements, but only long enough so she could add a second finger before picking up the pace again.

“Underwear off,” Quinn moaned again before burying her face into Tina’s neck, mouth latching onto the other girl’s pulse point. She was feeling a little stretched, though she technically wasn’t a virgin. But it had been a while ago. It wasn’t a bad feeling though. Just new. And actually really hot. “Please.”

Tina nodded before pulling out and grabbing onto the hem of Quinn’s underwear, tugging them down kinda of awkwardly. “Dammit,” Tina mumbled, unfortunately moving away from Quinn’s mouth so she could pull them off. She paused on her way back up, her breath catching. She could feel her face, ears and neck burning as she stared, transfixed. Running her hands up and down Quinn’s thighs, she pried them apart slowly. “I... uh...” She’d had something she wanted to say, she was sure of it. But at the moment she couldn’t quite remember what it was.

“Do you want to even up the score?” Quinn asked shyly then bit her lip as she reached out to toy with the edge of Tina’s underwear. She let her thumb slip under the fabric and rubbed back and forth over her pubic bone.

Tina nodded and positioned herself on her knees over Quinn. “I’ll let you do the honors,” she said throatily, finally finding her voice again.

Nodding, Quinn lifted her other hand and slowly pulled the fabric down, her hands shaking slightly. Once she had pulled them down as much as she could, she impulsively leaned forward and kissed Tina on the hipbone then repeated the gesture on the other side.

Tina shivered slightly before lifting one knee at a time, and managing to push her underwear the rest of the way off. Burying a hand in Quinn’s hair, she pulled her up for a kiss, hungrily before pushing her back down on the bed. And suddenly Tina’s hands were everywhere. She ran them down Quinn’s side, on the inside on her thighs, back up to cup her breasts, until her mouth joined them. Placing kisses all along her chest and abs, she nipped at the skin just above Quinn’s hip bone before she finally paused.

She glanced up to catch Quinn’s eye and gave her a look as if to say, Ready? before she moved her head down and slowly ran her tongue along Quinn’s clit.

Quinn’s brain was basically exploding with all the sensory overload. Tina was just everywhere and before Quinn could even process what Tina was doing to one part, she had already moved onto the next. Somewhere in all that her eyes scrunched closed, though slowly opened when Tina paused.

She looked at Tina, her eyes wide. Quinn hadn’t been expecting this. If she took the time to think about it, she knew this was generally how two girls had sex with each other but it seemed like guys never wanted to do it to girls so she just thought girls wouldn’t either. Except there Tina was between her thighs and her tongue felt so good and she was hardly even doing anything yet.

Letting out a half-whimper, half-moan, Quinn lifted her hand to run along the top of the other girl’s dark hair. “Tina--oh God, please--” she moaned out desperately.

Tina placed her hands on Quinn’s hips, holding them down, and hoping that Quinn wouldn’t notice how badly her hands were shaking. She had no idea what she was doing, had never done it before, but she understood the concept. And she knew that if she could just focus on Quinn’s clit, she’d be good to go. No need to try and get too creative the first time around. Her mind was buzzing and she couldn’t even form proper thoughts, so anything other than suck and lick wasn’t really getting through anyway.

She ran her tongue around in circles slowly a few times before sucking gently, and repeating that action every few seconds. Moving one hand down to pick up where she’d left off before, she slid her middle finger back inside of Quinn.

It was lucky that Tina was holding Quinn down otherwise the blonde would have bucked up into her mouth and fingers and that probably wouldn’t have been that pleasant for her. Instead Quinn focused on not tightening her hand in Tina’s hair and moved her free one down onto the comforter so she could grab onto it.

Using the comforter to keep herself stabilized helped a bit and she only arched her back, moaning quietly the first time Tina sucked on her clit. “Oh God... good...” Quinn had a hard time saying anything more coherent than that.

Tina kneaded her fingers into Quinn’s hip, trying to stop herself from moving it so she could touch herself. She’d have to be patient, and hope Quinn was up for it after this. Concentrating instead on Quinn, she sped up her finger, when suddenly she heard a voice in the back of her head, reminding her of something she needed to do.

Push up.

Thrusting her middle finger back in quickly, Tina angled it upwards once she was buried in as far as she could go.

Quinn moaned loudly and bit her lip. She didn't really know what Tina was doing to her but it was amazing and she wanted more. "Do that again. Please, oh fuck." While she was really enjoying herself she was a little nervous about reciprocating. What if she sucked at it and Tina didn't want to be with her anymore? She did her best to push the thought away so she could enjoy the moment.

Tina moaned against Quinn’s clit, every noise the blonde was making was making her a little crazy. But she did as she was told and thrust back in, aiming up every time, and gathering speed. Needing to take a couple breaths, she removed her mouth but quickly replaced it with her thumb, rubbing her clit quickly. Determined to make Quinn come, and soon.

The different pressure on her clit was just the friction Quinn needed added to what Tina's fingers were doing. After a few more thrusts she felt herself tightening around the other girl's digits and bucked her hips up lightly. "Tina, oh God, Tina..." she moaned as she continued to spasm through her climax.

Tina bit her lip, feeling her eyes widen slightly as she watched Quinn come. “...Fuck,” she said, a little breathless. Well, if that wasn’t the hottest thing she’d ever seen, she didn’t know what was. She slowly removed her finger and positioned herself over Quinn, leaning down to give her a kiss before pausing. Maybe Quinn wouldn’t want to kiss her, considering where her mouth had just been. She hovered over Quinn, and waited for her to make the first move.

It took Quinn a moment to open her eyes, which had apparently closed while she was coming, and found herself looking at Tina hovering over her. "What are you waiting for?" She asked quietly before leaning up to give the other girl a quick kiss on the lips.

Quinn could taste herself on Tina's lips but found that she didn't really mind. Lifting her hands up to cup Tina's face, she kissed her again, more intense this time.

Tina smiled before her lips met Quinn’s, pressing herself flush against the other girls body. Running her clean hand through Quinn’s hair, she began to try and pull the blonde on top of her. She didn’t want to seem pushy, but she was ridiculously wet, and in a desperate need of release. “Quinn... I need... you...” she managed to get out.

"All you had to do was ask," Quinn said with a cocky smirk. Mostly she was just trying to hide how scared shitless she was so instead of asking for help, she decided to try out another tactic.

Once positioned over Tina's body, Quinn started kissing down her chest, letting her tongue swirl over one of her nipples before pulling back to meet the other girl's gaze. "What do you want me to do next?"

Narrowing her eyes, Tina peered down at Quinn. Except, this could be fun. She didn’t have to beg, exactly. “Touch me,” she said, trying to sound demanding. She wanted more than that, but they could start there for now. She took a free hand and led one of Quinn’s down to her clit, so it was hovering just above. “Right there,” she added, throatily.

Nodding, Quinn took her middle and forefinger and gently started rubbing circles over Tina's clit. Her face was still hovered over Tina's chest so she bent down and took one of the nipples in her mouth again. She sucked lightly and scraped her teeth along the underside slowly before looking up to meet Tina's eyes again. All she did was raise her eyebrow, seeing as her mouth was occupied, but her look was clearly challenging as if daring her to further direct the blonde.

Tina’s head fell back against the pillow almost as soon as Quinn’s fingers were on her. She let out a long, low moan, reaching up to grab a fistful of Quinn’s hair. Meeting Quinn’s eyes, she smirked slightly at the look she was giving her. She wanted to tell Quinn to speed up, but at the same time, she wanted this to last for as long as possible.

“I, uh, wouldn’t mind if maybe you...” Wait, she was supposed to be demanding, right? “I mean. I want you to... eat me out... also.” Well, that wasn’t nearly as convincing as she had hoped it would be.

Quinn giggled against Tina's skin but eventually released the nipple from her mouth with a pop. Eat her out? She could do this. She just had to mimic what was done to her. Good plan.

She kissed down Tina's body until she was at her waist then slowly parted her thighs and positioned herself on her stomach until she was comfortable. Quinn was still a little nervous so she kissed the inside of Tina's thigh and inched her way towards the other girl's center until she was there and had no choice but to grow a pair. With that in mind she slowly licked from Tina's entrance up to her clit as a start.

Tina’s eyes fluttered shut, arching her back, she clutched the comforter with one hand, while bringing the other up to her mouth, biting down on one finger. “Ah, yes... just like that,” she gasped, bucking up suddenly.

Quinn’s eyes widened slightly when Tina moved up against her face but after putting a hand on the other girl’s hip to make sure things didn’t get too rowdy she focused back at what she was doing. She made another long swipe of her tongue up Tina’s slit then gently took her clit in her mouth sucking slightly, wondering what sort of response that would get.

“Oh... my god,” Tina moaned, gripping the comforter even tighter, now with both hands. “Don’t... don’t stop.” There was no way she was going to last as long as Quinn had, she was already beginning to feel the familiar tightness in her stomach. Even though Quinn’s hands were holding her down, it didn’t stop her from trying to grind against her face. She just needed a little bit more.

Apparently Tina’s hips really wanted to buck up into her face and Quinn just wasn’t having that. She let go of Tina’s clit and pulled back, giving the other girl a lightly annoyed look. “Stop that.” With that said she slowly eased a finger in (it felt pretty amazing when Tina had done it to her) and then leaned down again to take her clit in her mouth once more.

Leaning up slightly, Tina was momentarily confused about what she was supposed to stop, before she realized that she must have been making it difficult for Quinn to breath. “Oh, right... sorry,” she said, letting her head fall back against the pillow and trying to keep her hips under control. She bit her lip as Quinn entered her (it did feel amazing). “Don’t stop that though,” she tried to say jokingly, but instead it just came out kind of breathless.

Mouth still attached to Tina’s clit, she looked up briefly with another raised eyebrow saying ‘duh’ (it was a fine art, expressing things with just the arch of a brow like that) before adding suction and starting to move her finger. Quinn had done this to herself a few times since she and Tina started doing ... stuff but being inside Tina like this was a whole different experience. A hotter, wetter, sexier experience.

The combination of Quinn sucking on her clit and finger fucking her at the same time was exactly what Tina needed to send her over. “Oh fuck!” she cried out, arching her back and digging her heels into the bed, her body spasming with the power of her orgasm. “Fuck, Quinn...” she said, riding out the end of it.

Quinn closed her eyes tightly and focused on the feeling of Tina tightening around her finger. She almost wished she had put another in so she could have felt it better. But she could always do that next time. She lightened her suction as Tina’s orgasm slowed and eventually pulled her mouth and finger away, breathing a little hard herself. After placing a quick kiss on one of Tina’s thighs as if it finalized things, she moved back up the bed, flopping down. “Was that okay?” She asked, letting her insecurity finally show.

Tina worked on getting her breathing back under control before turning to look at Quinn, giving her a small, reassuring smile. “Yeah. It was better than okay. Much better,” she said, rolling over onto her side to face her. She leaned over a planted a kiss on Quinn’s lips, tasting herself but not minding, and running her hand lightly down Quinn’s arm. “You too?” she asked, just to be sure.

It took Quinn a few moments but finally she nodded. Her throat felt too tight to speak because suddenly she felt like crying and could feel tears welling up in her eyes and why was this happening? She and Tina had basically just had the most perfect day ever. But maybe that was why she was crying (because she could feel the tears streaming down her face now). Because this was how it should have been. Romantic and sweet, not drunk off wine coolers and feeling fat.

“Sorry,” Quinn mumbled out after a long while and lifted a hand to wipe at her cheeks.

Tina very briefly panicked when she saw Quinn start to cry before she realized that it wasn’t like, Catholic guilt, I’m going to burn in hell, kind of crying (which she was still kinda waiting for, to be honest). Scooting over to her, Tina wrapped an arm around Quinn’s back, placing light kisses on her cheek and jaw. “You don’t have to apologize,” she said, softly.

Quinn moved in closer to Tina, burying her head into the other girls neck as she kept crying. It wasn’t really a sob, but more of a slow and pathetic, whimpering type cry. After a while though she was pretty sure she had control of herself and pulled back, muttering out a sorry again even though Tina had told her not to. “I mean... oh fuck...” she trailed off. “I feel like I just ruined today.”

This was definitely a new experience for Tina. But she realized she didn’t mind so much. She was more than willing to let Quinn cry on her shoulder, literally, if that was what she needed. Tina found herself slowly running her hand around in, hopefully, soothing circles on Quinn’s back as she cried.

“You didn’t,” she said, firmly. “You couldn’t even if you tried.” And she meant it. Today had been perfectly perfect, and it would take a heck of a lot for anything to ruin it.

After sniffling and getting further control of herself (feeling vulnerable like this was really quite foreign to Quinn and she wasn’t sure if she liked it. Though if she had Tina to hold her and tell her it was okay, it might not be that terrible if it were to happen from time to time) she looked back at Tina, slightly embarrassed. “If you’re sure... um, thanks.”

“I’m totally sure,” Tina reiterated, keeping her arm wrapped around Quinn. “In fact, I’m kind of flattered. I didn’t know I was that good,” she teased, hoping it would lift Quinn’s spirits.

Quinn chuckled briefly then rolled her eyes at Tina. “Shut up,” she teased before leaning forward to give her a kiss. Once she pulled back, she just gave Tina a small smirk. “I like you.”

“I like you too,” Tina said, still giggling. “I guess this works out well then,” she added, leaning in for another kiss. She could probably lie in bed and just kiss Quinn for the rest of the night if she’d let her.

As much as Quinn just wanted to stay like this forever, she really didn’t want to risk being caught. “When are your parents coming home?” She asked as she pushed some hair back behind Tina’s ear.

Pouting slightly, Tina managed to pull away from Quinn, and sit up to look over at her clock. “Well, it’s after four now, and my mom hasn’t called to tell me she’ll be late, so she’ll probably be home in about an hour. Possibly a little less,” she admitted, grudgingly. But even she didn’t want to get caught by her mother. So it was good Quinn was keeping tabs on that, because otherwise she was likely to forget about it.

“Do you think we should... get dressed,” she asked, glancing down at herself and then over at Quinn. “Say no. Say no,” she said, lying back down and burying her face in Quinn’s neck, placing a kiss there for good measure.

Although Tina being all naked against her and kissing her neck like that was sort of putting Quinn back in the mood (and while she was getting Tina off she had plenty of time to recover), she knew they probably didn’t have time for another round. She bit her lip and looked at her girlfriend, clearly disappointed. “We should get dressed.”

“Boo, you whore,” Tina said automatically, without really thinking. “I mean... sorry. I didn’t mean that. I was just... quoting... never mind. Sorry.”

“I know what you were quoting,” Quinn said as she stalked up to Tina and quickly pushed her down before straddling her waist. “Awesome movie. My girlfriend has really good taste.” The blonde kept her tone casual as if she weren’t about to ravage the girl under her again.

Tina’s eyes widened as Quinn practically jumped on top of her (not that she was complaining), before she started laughing. “It is awesome. And so are you. No wonder I have such a big, lesbian crush on you,” she said, reaching around to grab Quinn’s ass.

Quinn stopped herself from grinding down on Tina and instead grabbed the hand on her ass and moved it between them until it was on her clit. “Suck on this,” she said lowly and raised her eyebrow.

Tina bit her lip and glanced back over at her clock. Thirty minutes... that was about what they had, possibly a little longer, but they could go again in thirty minutes. Totally. Managing to flip Quinn over onto her back, Tina hovered over her and gave her clit a good rub, leaning down to kiss her on the stomach. “I can do that.”