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06 January 2011 @ 02:08 am
fanfic: I Wanna Hold Your Hand (16/17)  
Title: I Wanna Hold Your Hand (16/17)
Author: wanderinghope & thechroniclady
Pairings/Characters: Quinn/Tina
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 5,554
Spoilers: none
Summary: When paired together for their winter break Glee assignment, Quinn and Tina had no idea what they were getting into.

Previous Chapters: One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten | Eleven | Twelve | Thirteen | Fourteen | Fifteen

Chapter Sixteen

Tina’s parents were used to her going into fits of depression and locking herself in her room for hours on end. It’s just they hadn’t really experienced any of them since Tina had been in middle school. And back then, Tina had been more apathetic than depressed.

This was different. The breakup with Artie had been hard on her, but relatively mutual. Despite having so many things in common, having such similar opinions, and always knowing what was on the other’s mind made for an awesome friendship. But for them, not the most awesome relationship. It didn’t take very long before they just weren’t having fun any more. So they broke it off. It had been the momentary loss of her best friend that upset Tina more than anything.

But she was taking her breakup with Quinn much worse. Maybe part of that had to be because of the way they’d broken up; the awful things Quinn said to her before she left, that was making this especially tough. The sound of an IM coming from her computer caught her attention. She glanced over at it and squinted. It was currently the only light source on in her room.

She dragged herself up and over to it to see an IM from Kurt on her screen.

hautekurture17: get your perky little self up and out of bed. it’s a friday night! come over! I have the perfect cure-all for a bad breakup. <3

She sighed before typing out her response. tinatvs93: kurt, there has been no break up. I’m just not feeling well. think I’m coming down with the flu.

Within seconds Kurt replied. hautekurture17: you’re fooling no one, btw. you’ve been queen of the doomed all week long. fabray broke you bad, but don’t worry. she’ll get hers.

Tina hesitated before answering. She didn’t know what he meant by “get hers” but she didn’t like the sound of it. Even though she knew she was basically admitting to everything Kurt already knew, before she knew it she was typing out, tinatvs93: just... leave her alone. look, I g2g. signing off now! Setting herself as invisible instead. However, before she could go back to collapse on her bed she glanced at her buddy list and frowned to herself when she saw that Quinn was online.

By the time Quinn forced herself to get online, she managed to see Tina’s screen name fade away until she was in the ‘offline buddies’ section of her buddy list. She may not have been openly grieving or moping, but she was still taking it hard. Only instead of dressing in all black and walking around like a ghost and just generally looking pathetic she kept a stony exterior and did her best to pretend nothing had happened.

As dubbed by Sue Sylvester herself as her protege, Quinn had adopted her coach’s tendency to cut off emotions. Her extra hours of practice and workout helped with some of her rage (not at Tina, but at herself from being such a colossal idiot) and the rest she pushed away. Like was her family’s motto, if you don’t talk about it, it doesn’t exist.

After fiddling around online for a little bit, just to make her presence known as she should, she signed off and went to bed in a terrible mood.

A weekend away from school didn’t help either, but only made it worse. She didn’t have any way of checking up on Tina besides her aim and facebook status. She was going crazy thinking about just how much Tina probably hated her now. And for the first time ever she was happy when the weekend was over.

By the time Cheerios practice rolled around Monday morning she was in a terrible mood and this was the only place she could really express it. Today she would definitely be punishing her squad. “Three sets of killers, starting now,” she barked at them.

Once all the Cheerios were thoroughly worn out and grumbling, Quinn finally called the practice to an end and told them to hit the showers. However, the blonde didn’t feel any better after torturing her squad, but there wasn’t much else she could do, so with a sigh she started cleaning up the supplies from practice.

"Quinn. A word," Kurt demanded more than asked, sidling up to her before he took off for the locker rooms. "You know, an obligatory 'You hurt my friend and now you must pay' kind of word. You know how it is."

He didn't even let her reply until he was back into it. "However," he looked around making sure they were very much alone before he continued, "she

has requested you amnesty. Lucky for you. But, I will say this; you're tainted goods, Fabray. Puckerman planted his seed, literally, and let's face it, the best you're ever going to get at this point is some two-bit loser who pumps gas over over at the Pump 'N Munch and a spawn of Lima losers you won't be able to give away next time. But Tina is great. You know it as well as I do. So if you don't step it up, you can just say goodbye to your spacious flat in West Hollywood, or wherever it is you Lesbos congregate. Just sayin'."

“I have no idea what you’re talking about. So leave me alone,” Quinn said through gritted teeth as she collected the last of the cones then started walking away to the supplies closet.

“You know exactly what I’m talking about,” he called after her. “I’d get into it more, but I’m not going to waste the precious minutes I have before class to go through the rest of my cleansing routine.” At this point, he was pretty much shouting to her. “And you know I’m right, so fix it. Or Mercedes is going to fix you. Her words.” And with that, he rushed off towards the locker room. Precious minutes, and all that.

“Yeah, you need all the extra help you can get,” Quinn practically shouted back before storming off to get ready for class herself.

In Glee that day after school, Quinn noticed Mercedes looking at her sternly but she just worked on keeping a straight face and forcing herself to get through practice. Finn sat down next to her, acting far too cheerful to be in her presence, and gave her a smile. “You’ve been really cranky lately. I know Puck always throws kids in dumpsters more when he hasn’t gotten any in a while. You should just say sorry to her.”

Quinn turned and glared at him. “I don’t know what you’re talking about Finn. Just shut up and sing your warm ups,” she growled out then started singing the scale Brad was playing. Well this was going to be an interesting Glee rehearsal.

Tina had to keep telling herself over and over again not to look over at Quinn during Glee. It was actually proving to be easier than she thought it would, except it kept distracting her from her warm-ups, therefore causing Rachel to nudge Tina in the side with her elbow every fifteen seconds.

“Okay,” Will said jovially after warm-ups were over. “I’ve been thinking about numbers for Regionals. And as you all know, we agreed that one of the songs would be whoever’s Mash-up was the most well-received. And I think we can all agree that the Lady GaGa medley was the powerhouse of the bunch. So, congratulations to Quinn and Tina for doing such an excellent job on it. And of course you guys will be teaching it to everyone else as well,” Will announced, with a blissfully ignorant grin on his face.

Tina was pretty sure that was the absolute worst news she’d ever gotten in her life. She had to think pretty far back, but barring the death of one of her grandparents when she was five, this was definitely ranking high up there. Finally she glanced over at Quinn, but was disturbed to see just how many people around the room looked uncomfortable about this announcement.

Apart from the obvious Finn and Kurt, there was Mercedes, Mike, Santana, Puck, Rachel, and even Artie was awkwardly fiddling around with his bowtie.

As Finn muttered something about how awkward this would be under his breath, Quinn elbowed him hard then gritted her teeth. This could not be happening. Was Mr. Schue seriously trying to ruin her life? She felt like everyone was watching her and Tina as well, so Finn was exactly right. This would be incredibly awkward.

“Mr. Schue,” Kurt said suddenly with a raise of his hand. “I don’t think anyone here is denying that the medley was excellent. But, you know, we did the GaGa thing last year. And I think I can speak for all, well, most of us when I say that we’re... kind of over it,” he managed to get out, sounding like the words actually caused him physical pain to say.

Tina allowed herself to give him a small, appreciative smile before looking back at a confused Mr. Schue. “Well, if that’s how most of you feel,” he started, as a good majority of the kids in there nodded, “then I guess the next best one was Puck and Rachel’s mash-up of Christina Aguilera’s ‘What A Girl Wants’ and Justin Timberlake’s ‘Sexy Back’,” Will said, clapping his hands together, still looking a little confused but quickly getting over it.

Of course Rachel clapped for herself the hardest and ran up to the front of the room. No doubt she was making some grand speech about how honored she was and how she’d been performing since she was six months old and all that, but Tina blocked it all out as she looked over at Quinn.

Quinn let her gaze linger on Tina for far too long and Rachel was ordering them to line up in front of the room or something, but the blonde couldn’t concentrate on any of that. Finally though Finn shook Quinn’s arm and she snapped her eyes away from her former girlfriend.

“Finn, what are you doing?” She snapped at him.

“Yeah, definitely cranky,” Finn mumbled to himself as he took his hand back. “Come on, we have to go practice this.”

“Oh. Well, fine then...” Quinn said, risking one more glance at Tina before getting up to follow Finn.

Tina looked away from Quinn and stood up slowly, suddenly having no desire whatsoever to be there right now. She decided she could either suck it up and just finish out the rest of rehearsal with a fake smile on her face, or she do what she normally did and just peace out.

“I’ll... um, be right back. I have to go to the bathroom,” she said awkwardly before rushing out of the choir room.

Quinn watched Tina walk out from the corner of her eye and kept waiting for her to return but as they got further into their Glee rehearsal she still hadn’t returned. Everyone was focusing too much on Puck and Rachel, trying to learn the choreography, so Quinn easily slipped out of the choir room and walked down the hall and to the nearest girl’s bathroom. She stood outside the door a moment, taking a few deep breaths, before pushing the door open and entering, her footsteps echoing off the tiles. “Tina?”

Tina jumped off the window ledge she’d been sitting on at the other end of the bathroom when she heard the door open and Quinn’s voice throughout the room. She shoved her phone, which she’d been playing dumb games on, in her pocket and turned to the mirror, turning on the water and pretending to wash her hands. “What?” she asked, her voice low and colder than she meant it to be.

“I just--I came to see if you were okay...” Quinn said, quietly. The words just came out. It hadn’t been what she had intended to say at all. She didn’t even know why she came to check up on Tina in the first place. Other than the fact that Quinn missed her. Touching her, hugging her, talking with her, being with her. She didn’t even realize how much she had been feeling like this since she hadn’t allowed herself to feel like this.

Tina was equal parts hurt, angered, confused, and touched by Quinn’s answer. “I’m fine,” she said, sharply. Realizing her hands were just sitting under the water, she turned it off quickly and concentrated on drying her hands, trying to ignore the fact that Quinn was there. “Why do you care?” she asked before she could stop herself. She’d been avoiding Quinn all week, and having her in such close proximity was making her anxious. Every night she thought of ways she could try to make things right again, but then she had to remind herself that she couldn’t go back to the way things had been between them before. She wouldn’t be able to keep it a secret.

“I--If you don’t want me here then just tell me and I’ll go,” Quinn said stubbornly though with each word she took a step forward, when she meant to be stepping away, until finally she was right in front of Tina. “I came here trying to be nice but clearly my efforts aren’t wanted.”

The blonde had no idea what she was doing. Her legs were moving automatically, and words were just spilling out of her mouth. This was all a very bad idea but she just couldn’t control herself.

Tina felt her eyes widen as Quinn stepped closer to her, until she was right in front of her, and Tina had pushed herself back against the wall. “I didn’t say that,” she said, her voice shaking. “I was just under the impression I wasn’t worth it. Why settle for mediocre, right?” she asked, repeating Quinn’s words back to her. Tina didn’t know what was happening, or what was about to happen, but she found she didn’t care about that as much. She just had to know. “So why are you here?”

Quinn watched Tina’s lips as they moved, not really taking in the words, just the way that they looked. They were just so pretty and soft and kissable, and before she knew what she was doing she stepped closer, pushing her body fully against Tina’s and pressed their lips together.

Tina froze the moment she felt Quinn’s lips on hers. And for a a few moments, she forgot about the break up completely, both hands reaching around Quinn’s waist and holding her body against hers, returning the kiss eagerly. It hadn’t been long enough for her to forget how good it felt to have Quinn so close.

Instinctively, Quinn moved one of her knees between Tina’s legs and pressed it up against the other girl’s center. She had all these built up emotions from the past couple weeks from everything going on between her and Tina and the more she thought about it (though she didn’t know why she was even thinking when she had Tina’s lips under hers) the harder she kissed.

After the initial shock wore off, Tina fully realized what was happening. And even though it could only lead to something that would probably be bad for the both of them, she wasn’t stopping herself, or Quinn. Instead her hands moved lower, almost instinctively, and pushed up Quinn’s Cheerios skirt. God, she had forgotten how much she loved that damn uniform. She pulled her hips closer, until Quinn was basically straddling her thigh and jerked her own hips forward suddenly, moaning softly against Quinn’s mouth.

Quinn had never been happier that Tina was ridiculous and wore skirts in the cold even when she didn’t have to. She moved her hands to rub up and down the back of her thighs then squeezed slightly as she started nipping at the other girl’s bottom lip.

Tina moved one hand up to settle on the back of Quinn’s head, pulling away from Quinn’s mouth to kiss her neck instead. She wanted to say something. Like how much she had missed her. Missed this. She wanted to lie and tell Quinn that they could get back together and that she would be fine keeping it a secret again. That Quinn wanting to remain in the closet didn’t bother her at all. But she couldn’t bring herself to say any of that.

Grabbing onto Tina’s thighs more forcefully, she pulled her down further on her own thigh and ground her against her, starting to feel her skin becoming damp. Quinn loved knowing that these reactions were for her and all she wanted was to keep doing this forever and forget about all the complications of their relationship. Even though this was probably just a momentary lapse of insanity for the both of them, she was delusional enough to push all her thoughts away so she could enjoy this while she could.

Tina moaned a little louder this time, letting her head fall back and resting it against the wall, her breathing already fairly heavy. If Quinn had been trying to distract her from her previous thoughts, it was working perfectly. She moved against Quinn’s thigh rhythmically, while bringing a hand down in between Quinn’s legs and rubbing her hand against the thin, lycra material of the shorts underneath her skirt.

“Shh,” Quinn hushed Tina hastily then pressed their lips together once more. Though hypocritically, she moaned out when Tina’s fingers grazed against her spanx. Quinn pulled her mouth away and bit her bottom lip as she pulled Tina against her thigh harder, hoping this would encourage the other girl to reciprocate.

Tina bit her lip, holding back another moan, and rubbed against Quinn again, adding a little more pressure. Though not as hard as Quinn was grinding into her. Pushing herself off the wall suddenly, she gripped Quinn by the waist and pushed her into the nearest stall. Either way if someone walked in, it would be awkward, but this would allot them a little more time to stop what they were doing. Shoving Quinn up against the door, she moved her hand back down, but this time shoved her hand inside of Quinn's spanx, rubbing her hand along her clit slowly.

Quinn meant to say something like how this was a good call or whatever, but all she could do was groan again because Tina’s finger was on her clit and she couldn’t concentrate on speaking. One thing she could focus on though was the fact that Tina was so damn covered. All the frills and high collars and poofy skirts. Her habit to wear so much clothes was making this bathroom hookup a lot more difficult.

After closing her eyes hard for a few moments to get her bearings, she opened them and began roughly unbuttoning Tina’s ridiculous ruffly shirt, nipping at each piece of newly exposed skin.

Tina ran her middle finger along Quinn’s entrance, but didn’t push in, deciding to tease her for a little while. With her free hand she reached up and unzipped the top of Quinn’s uniform, brushing her hand along her breasts through the outside of her sport bra, giving her nipple an experimental pinch.

Letting out a pathetic whimper, Quinn jerked her leg up against Tina’s center again before deciding that the other girl probably wanted more. She navigated her way through the layers of tulle and frills until she felt the edge of Tina’s underwear, then pushed that aside as well and swiftly pushed two fingers inside.

"Oh fuck," Tina whispered, halting her movements, and letting her head fall down to rest on Quinn's shoulder. Yes, she'd really, really missed this. Remembering that her hand was still in Quinn's spanx, she resumed what she was doing, pushing lightly at her entrance with two fingers teasingly a few times, before pushing them deep inside very suddenly. While she began rubbing her thumb along Quinn's clit, she pushed her other hand under Quinn's bra, fondling her and brought her lips to Quinn's neck, kissing and lightly biting at random.

Instead of moaning or swearing (though she wanted to do those things) she lifted Tina’s head so it was back level with her face kissed her roughly then simultaneously switched them around so she had Tina pressed against the stall door. Feeling Tina’s fingers inside her only pushed Quinn to begin moving hers faster and she twisted them slightly, letting her knuckle graze against her clit.

Tina gasped slightly at the kiss and sudden change of positions. Managing to keep her fingers in place, she sped up when Quinn did, but angled them so she was aiming for Quinn's G-spot. She moved her other hand around to Quinn's back and pulled her body against hers; sucking and biting on Quinn's bottom lip.

“Oh, God,” Quinn gasped and bucked her hips up into Tina’s hand. She had missed being close to Tina like this so much. Why did she keep pushing Tina away when all she wanted was to be with her? And she wanted to make her feel good too, show her that she was sorry. She pushed in a third finger then started moving her fingers fast and hard, whimpering at how good it felt to be doing this.

"Ah, fuck, yes," Tina gasped, tightening her grip on Quinn. She was very close now, and even though her own hand had slowed down some, she didn't stop moving. With each thrust of Quinn's hand, she canted her hips forward hard, causing Quinn's fingers to go in even deeper. "Oh God, don't stop," she said in between gasps.

And there it was, that familiar tightness. She buried her head in Quinn’s neck and bit into her shoulder through the uniform, muffling her moan as she came.

“Fuck, you’re so hot when you come,” Quinn panted into Tina’s ear as she kept moving her fingers until she was sure the other girl’s orgasm was done. She pulled her fingers out slowly then brought them up to her mouth, smirking before she licked them clean. She was still ridiculously turned on though and rocked her hips up slightly. “Please...”

Tina watched her through half-lidded eyes, breathing still pretty heavy before pulling her in for a kiss. Turning Quinn back around so that she was once against pressed up against the door, she began picking up the pace of her fingers again. Pulling out of the kiss and keeping her eyes locked on Quinn's, she slowly fell down to her knees and tugged her spanx down mid-thigh. Leaning forward she replaced her thumb with her tongue, and flicked at her clit before sucking on it gently.

Without warning, she added a third finger quickly, thrusting in hard and deep, still aiming for her G-spot. Switching back and forth every few seconds between licking and sucking on her clit.

Quinn let out a shriek at Tina adding another finger and tangled one of her hands into her dark hair. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, fuck,” she moaned as Tina’s fingers consistently hit her G-spot. “You feel so good, don’t stop. So close,” she continued babbling and rocking her hips up against Tina’s face.

Tina couldn’t stop the small huff of laughter at the fact that Quinn, who had shushed her earlier, was now paying no heed to how much noise she was making. She reached up with one hand to, not stop, but just slow the movement of Quinn’s hips. After a few more thrusts, she pushed all three fingers in as deep as she could and kept them pressed there, now only sucking on her clit, as if she was trying to force the orgasm out of her.

Quinn took the hint and moved her hips slower, though the closer she got to coming she tighter she wound her fingers into Tina’s hair. “Oh, fuck, Tina. Oh, God. So close...” She bit her lip hard and with the constant suction on her clit finally came, moaning loudly.

Tina kept the steady suction going until she was certain Quinn had ridden out the last of her orgasm. Pulling her fingers out slowly, she stood up and held them in front of Quinn’s face. “Open your mouth,” she said, her voice low and ragged.

Raising an eyebrow, Quinn looked at the fingers Tina was offering her. “Kinky,” she murmured with a smirk but nodded and opened her mouth for her.

Tina smirked, and couldn't tear her eyes away from Quinn's mouth as she pushed the fingers in her mouth and watched her lick them clean. The sight alone was almost enough to get her going again.

Quinn sucked lightly at the digits in her mouth and moaned softly at just how erotic this all was. She never thought in a million years she would have sex in a girl’s bathroom.

Finally when she finished licking Tina’s fingers clean, she put her hand on the other girl’s wrist and gently removed them. Moving her head back to rest against the stall door she let out a contented sigh. “That was... wow.”

Now that the initial euphoria was wearing off, Tina couldn’t believe that had actually just happened. “Yeah... I know,” she said, leaning back against the wall and starting to button up her shirt. She had a million different questions she wanted to ask, but didn’t know where to start, or even if she should.

Quinn pulled up her spanx and zipped her Cheerio top back up before leaning over and giving Tina a soft kiss. “I’m not ready to come out to my mom. I’ll try with the Glee kids though, okay? I’m really sorry.”

Tina blinked a few times in response. Oh. Well, that was... something. It still meant they would have to be extra careful in the halls and other classes, but it was a start. “I, um... okay. If you really will try, then I forgive you. And I’m sorry too,” she added softly, leaning in for another kiss.

Once she felt she and Quinn were presentable again, she reached over and opened the stall door. She was kind of amazed that no one had come inside in all that time, but she wasn’t about to complain. “Even though rehearsal is almost over, we should probably get back anyway. Catch the last of it.”

“That’s a good idea,” Quinn said as she washed her hands. She waited for Tina to do the same thing then cornered her for one last kiss. “For the record, you’re much more than mediocre. You know I only settle for the best. Ready?”

Laughing, Tina grabbed her bag before following Quinn out of the bathroom. Only Quinn could pull off sweet and conceited in one go. “You always know just what to say,” she teased as they made their way toward the choir room.

Feeling like them both coming back at the same time was painfully obvious, Tina pushed the thought from her mind as she peeked inside the room. Everyone was just sitting around, and Mr. Schue was nowhere in sight. She decided to go in before Quinn, but before she could even open her mouth to ask about Mr. Schue’s whereabouts, her eyes widened slightly when Puck jumped up from his seat suddenly, and led the rest of the group in a round of applause.

"Nice one, Cohen. Not even I ever got her to squeal like that," he said, following a loud cat call.

Well, shit, she thought, feeling her face grow very red and very quickly. She glanced back at Quinn to gauge her reaction to all this.

Rachel rolled her eyes at Puck’s vulgarity before clearing her throat and speaking herself. “While I am deeply disturbed by the sexual nature of those noises, I am quite impressed with your lung capacity, Quinn. With a few more vocal lessons and more training your voice could be a lot stronger.”

Quinn just stared at them all in horror, her eyes wide. Her face was burning hot, nearly matching the red on her Cheerios uniform. With a brief glance at Tina, the blonde quickly turned around and fled out of the choir room. When she said she was willing to try and tell the Glee club about them she hadn’t intended for it to happen like this. This was just mortifying. They had heard them being intimate and that was just no one’s business.

Tina’s face fell as she watched Quinn rush out of the choir room. Yeah, it was embarrassing; probably one of the most embarrassing things that had ever happened to her. But at the same time, she was almost grateful that everyone just found out instead of them having to make some kind of announcement. Or go through the motions of telling them each one by one.

Everyone quieted down quickly when Quinn ran out. Tina turned back to glare at them and saw Kurt mouth the word ‘sorry’ before awkwardly concentrating on his nails.

“Where’s Mr. Schue?” she asked sharply.

“Hiding,” Santana replied with a smirk, while pointing to his closed office door.

“Fine. Tell him... I don’t care. Something,” she said, before running after Quinn. She managed to catch sight of her turning the corner all the way at the end of the hall and called out to her. “Quinn! Wait!”

Quinn reluctantly stopped but didn’t turn to face Tina. Instead she rested her forehead against the wall and frowned deeply. When the other girl was near her she looked at her out of the corner of her eye and sighed. “I’m sorry. But that is not how I wanted them to find out. And that’s so embarrassing. They heard us.”

“I know,” Tina said with a frown. She couldn’t quite imagine what this was like for Quinn. She had just opened up to the idea of slowly coming out, before being suddenly outed and in such a compromising way. “It is embarrassing, but you know them. In a few days they’ll all be wrapped up in something else, and, you know... It could be worse.”

“Who else do you think heard us? I’m sure everyone will know by tomorrow and then my mom will find out and my life will be over,” Quinn said dramatically and pulled her forehead off the wall. “I just can’t deal with this right now.” She gave Tina another half-sad, half-confused look before turning around and walking away.

Tina stood in shock for a moment before rushing up to her again. “Wait. Can’t deal with what? Us? Because, honestly, even if anyone else did hear us, nobody would know it was us. The only reason the rest of Glee knows is because... let’s face it, they’ve known for a while.” There was no way Tina was going to let Quinn use this as another excuse to dive right back into the closet.

“What do you mean they’ve known for a while?” Quinn asked, her eyebrows furrowed together in confusion before suddenly getting mad. “See, I told you! You kept insisting that no one could tell and you being all touchy feely with me didn’t give it away. But it did! And what I can’t deal with right now is there is a room full of people, if not more people wandering around the school, who heard me screaming your name. So get out of my way and let me go die of shame.”

In retrospect, Tina figured that perhaps letting onto the fact that a lot of the glee club members have known for a while was maybe not the best way to go about this. “Actually, I don’t think most of them figured it out until after we broke up, but whatever. That’s not the point. And there’s hardly anyone here!” Tina said, widely motioning around at the completely empty hallway they were in. “And you promised,” Tina said quietly. “You said you’d try. Running away isn’t trying.”

Quinn knew exactly what she should do. She should turn back, march into the Choir room and glare at them all, daring them to say something about the fact that she and Tina were together. But she, Quinn Fabray, was scared. “I--I just can’t,” she said, barely audible, then turned around and ran down the hall until she was out of sight.

Tina didn’t say another word, frowning as she watched Quinn walk away from her, again. After standing alone in the hallway for what felt like a very long while, she slowly made her way towards the student lot. Internally reprimanding herself for actually thinking that things would be different this time around. However, she definitely hadn’t expected things to take a turn for the worse so quickly.

As she climbed into the driver’s seat, she told herself that it would really have to be over this time, and that she should try not to cry until she got home.