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06 January 2011 @ 02:16 am
fanfic: I Wanna Hold Your Hand (Epilogue)  
Title: I Wanna Hold Your Hand (Epilogue)
Author: wanderinghope & thechroniclady
Pairings/Characters: Quinn/Tina
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 6,770
Spoilers: none
Summary: When paired together for their winter break Glee assignment, Quinn and Tina had no idea what they were getting into.

Previous Chapters: One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten | Eleven | Twelve | Thirteen | Fourteen | Fifteen | Sixteen | Seventeen


Tina kept her eyes trained on Quinn. A tiny smile playing at her mouth. She still couldn’t quite believe she was at the Winter Dance with Quinn Fabray, currently slow dancing to Dog Days Are Over by Florence + The Machine. A song specifically requested by Tina for this very occasion.

Fighting the urge to pull Quinn closer to her, Tina’s fingers danced a little in their place on Quinn’s waist. Even though they were pretty public and she was now allowed to be affectionate with Quinn in public, she was still too used to fighting off the bulk of these urges. Tina just thought it was awesome that they were there together in general. And dancing. Together!

“Have I told you yet just how pretty you look tonight?” she asked, knowing full well she had. Her jaw had practically fallen to the floor at seeing Quinn when she’d picked her up before the dance. But knowing Quinn, Tina knew she wouldn’t mind hearing it again... and again. A task Tina was only too happy to perform. “And how glad I am to be here as your date,” she added.

Quinn’s arms were loosely draped around Tina’s neck as they swayed back and forth to the music. “Well I wanted to look good for you,” she admitted and looked at the other girl a little shyly. That mood didn’t last long though because the blonde leaned in until her mouth was by Tina’s ear, her lips brushing against it as she whispered, “And as good as you look in that dress I can’t wait to see you out of it later tonight.” Now that they were “out”, she didn’t give a fuck what people thought. And if they gave her shit, she would destroy them.

Feeling her face grow warm very quickly, Tina’s hands unconsciously moved a little lower down Quinn’s waist, pulling her a little closer. “Hmm, well you’re in luck. Because as good as this dress looks on me, I’m pretty sure what I have on underneath looks even better,” she whispered back, smirking a little as she placed a tiny kiss on Quinn’s cheek.

“Tease,” Quinn pouted before giving Tina a return kiss on her cheek. Maybe building up the anticipation was better though. Now she had something to look forward to when the dance was over. Letting out a contented sigh of how perfect this night was going, the blonde laid her head on Tina’s shoulder as they continued dancing.

Just as the song was coming to a close, Quinn heard an lecherous cackle and lifted her head only to be face to face with Karofsky. Her stomach dropped, but determined not to show any weakness sh squared her shoulders and glared. “What the fuck do you want?”

Karofsky started circling around them, clearly checking them both out before saying, “Well now that you two are lesbian lovers why don’t you give us a show?”

“You’re a pig, fuck off,” Quinn snapped back. So much for not showing that she was irritated.

Tina had pretty much been expecting this all night, so she wasn’t too bothered by it. But clearly Quinn was, and that bothered Tina a lot. Keeping one hand firmly on Quinn’s waist, Tina stared him dead on in the face before giving him a smirk. "Seriously. You're just jealous of the fact that I have the hottest date at this dance. But even if we were the kind of girls to hook up purely for some asshole's enjoyment, it would never be for a pathetic little skeeze like you. So you can go shave your back now, or better yet, have your boyfriend do it for you," she said, nodding in the direction where Azimio was hanging around not too far off.

Either because he wasn’t expecting that little outburst, or just didn’t know what to say, Tina didn’t really care, just that he was leaving. Ignoring his mumbled “whatever” as he walked away, she turned back to Quinn and smiled. “So... uh, that just happened.”

Once Karofsky was gone, Quinn just stared after him and blinked a few times before turning to Tina. That had been really unexpected. But it really turned her on and before she even really knew what she was doing, the blonde grabbed Tina’s face and gave her a kiss on the lips. Eventually she pulled back, blushing. “That was really hot. For the record. I like when you get sassy.”

Tensing slightly at the very unexpected kiss, it took Tina a short moment before she was able to relax and return it. Unable to help but smile against Quinn’s lips, she laughed when Quinn eventually pulled away. “I’ll, uh, have to do it more often then. Especially if you kiss me like that every time.” Wrapping her arms entirely around Quinn’s waist now, she pulled her in for another kiss, unmindful of the fact that a faster song was playing now and they were the only ones not dancing along with it.

Quinn let this kiss go on a lot longer than the previous one, not even caring that people were staring, and when she pulled back she was panting slightly. “So, when is it socially acceptable for us to ditch the dance so I can find out what’s under that dress?” She asked with a smirk.

Tina giggled softly before looking around, attempting to be inconspicuous. “Let’s see, we’ve got about an hour and a half before the dance ends... so I think now would be a good time,” she said, placing a few random kisses along Quinn’s neck and while slowly inching toward the nearest exit.

“My girlfriend is so smart,” Quinn said with a smirk, before giving her one last kiss then pulled back and grabbed her hand so they could walk more normally. After lacing their fingers together, the blonde led them out of the school gym and out towards the parking lot. “I had a really nice time with you tonight,” she said, giggling slightly at how cliché that was.

Unlacing their hands so Tina could put her arm around Quinn’s waist, she snuggled in closely as they walked to her car. “You’re about to have an even nicer time,” Tina said with a wink before gently pushing Quinn against the car door and going in for another kiss. Smiling as she pulled away, Tina kept their bodies close together. Partly for warmth, but mostly just because she could. “But I had a really nice time too. Thanks for asking me.”

Since mostly everyone was still at the dance, Quinn didn’t have a problem with wrapping her arms around Tina’s waist and moving her hands down slightly to grab at her ass. “Well I’m really glad you decided to forgive me. I suppose the make-up sex wasn’t easy to say no to though,” the blonde said, smirking.

“No, it was not,” Tina said, unable to prevent herself from blushing as she thought about it. “But I probably would have forgiven you even without it,” she said honestly. Because what really mattered was that Quinn was trying and she was doing it for her. Sneaking a hand inside Quinn’s coat, Tina dragged a thumb across her breasts through the outside of her dress before squeezing lightly.

“We better get going before I take you right here,” Quinn said with a mischievous grin. “Unless you’re into that kind of thing. It is pretty chilly out here though. I’d much rather we be cozy in your bed,” she continued on logically as she kissed long Tina’s neck until they were face to face. “So are you ready?”

Pretending to actually consider messing around outside, Tina returned the mischievous grin. “Hmm, actually, my cozy bed sounds perfect right now.” Placing a light kiss on her lips when they were face to face again, Tina reached behind Quinn and opened the door so she could get inside. “Ready when you are.”

Once they were both in the car and buckled up, Quinn reached over to hold one of Tina’s hands as she drove. “I still can’t believe you said that to Karofsky. And the stupid look on his face after, like he couldn’t believe it. I see I’ve taught you how to use your mouth well,” she smirked.

“I, uh, can’t quite believe I said it either,” Tina admitted, keeping her eyes on the road, but running her thumb along Quinn’s knuckles. She would probably have to bring an extra set of clothes to school the next day for the slushie she was sure was coming her way. “But clearly you’ve rubbed off on me,” she said with a smirk, letting the double entendre set in.

“I can think of some other things I’d like to rub,” Quinn said seductively and pulled her hand away before placing it on her thigh. It was probably a really bad idea to be doing this in the car though so she giggled after a moment and moved her hand back up to hold Tina’s again.

Biting her lip, Tina tore her eyes away from the road to look at Quinn. “That was mean,” she joked, before flashing her a pout. But giving Quinn’s hand a reassuring squeeze, Tina sped up the car somewhat as they got closer to her neighborhood. Pulling into her driveway, Tina quickly parked and turned off the car before practically lunging at Quinn, pulling her in for a harsh kiss.

“And it’s mean for you to look so cute while driving and me not being able to do anything,” Quinn shot back, giving Tina’s hand a squeeze back. The rest of the ride, the blonde was anxious to get back to Tina’s and honestly wasn’t that surprised when she was attacked still in the car. After another long kiss, Quinn pulled back and licked her lips slightly. “Couldn’t even wait a minute until we were inside? You must really want me,” she said with a cocky grin.

“I guess so,” Tina said as she moved her lips down to Quinn’s neck, while moving a hand slowly up her thigh. Tina was half tempted to take Quinn right there in the front seat. Car sex was still something they had yet to try. But she had promised Quinn pretty underwear, and the thought of her warm bedroom was even more tempting, so she stopped herself before taking things to far. “But we should definitely take this inside first.”

Quinn could feel her eyes slipping shut as Tina’s hand went further up her thigh though abruptly opened them when Tina’s hand stopped. Taking a few breaths so she could think more rationally, she nodded and unbuckled her seat belt. “That’s a good idea. You have pretty lingerie to show me anyway and it’s too cold out here, so let’s go,” she said then gathered up her bag and got out of the car, leading them to the door.

“Read my mind,” Tina said, grabbing her keys and bundling up her coat before following Quinn to the door. Unlocking it quickly, they hurried inside. Hooking a finger into the pocket of Quinn’s coat, Tina slowly pulled her toward the staircase. “I would be a good hostess and offer you something to drink or whatnot, but you’ll forgive me if I don’t.”

“That’s fine, I’m sure I’ll find something to eat up there,” Quinn smirked back as they climbed to the second floor and made their way to Tina’s room. She made quick work of her coat and tossed it aside before turning to her girlfriend. “So. Strip.”

Tina giggled as she led Quinn to her room. She started to take off her own coat, but paused at Quinn’s command. “Well, aren’t you romantic,” she teased, before leisurely slipping off her coat and tossing it on top of Quinn’s. Tina kept her eyes trained on Quinn’s as she lifted a hand and slowly pushed her toward the bed. “Sit,” she said softly before standing before her. She didn’t actually have much to take off, but she might as well make a show of it.

“I can be very romantic,” Quinn retorted as she sat down and crossed her legs. She couldn’t help it that Tina had teased her and she was curious to find out what was under that dress. “We could go all romance novel and make sweet, passionate love,” she said, trying not to smirk too much.

“We could,” Tina said, smiling as she slowly began removing the fingerless lace gloves she was wearing before tossing it onto Quinn’s lap. Refusing to break eye contact even though she could tell she was getting a little pink in the cheeks. “Or I could screw you senseless against my headboard. Either or,” she said cheekily as she gracefully lifted one leg at a time to remove her heels.

Quinn raised her eyebrow at Tina and grinned slightly. “It’s cute when you get flustered,” she said. “But you know, if you can fuck me, you should be able to talk about it.”

Tina scoffed, but her blush was kind of obvious. Nothing she could really do about that. “I’m not flustered,” she said. “More... anxious.” Which wasn’t entirely untrue. Without much more to take off, she brought her hand up to unzip her dress, taking her time, before letting it fall to the floor. Revealing the lacey, black and red bra and panties. With a matching garter to boot. “And I could talk about it, but I’d rather show instead of tell.”

Inhaling sharply, Quinn didn’t even try not to gawk at Tina in her underwear and bra. “You look really sexy in red,” she said quietly. “That should be what you color your hair next. Right now, though, you should get over here so I can touch you,” she said, impatiently.

Examining a strand of her hair, Tina actually considered this. She could pull off the red. “I’ll take that into consideration,” she said as she stepped closer. “Would you like to finish undressing me?”

“No, I think I’d rather you leave that on for a little bit. What’s the point of the sexy lingerie if I can’t appreciate it for a while,” Quinn said with a smirk before standing up and taking Tina’s hands into her own. “Maybe you can help me get rid of this dress though.”

“Yeah, that dress has got to go,” Tina agreed, placing a random kiss on the inside of Quinn’s wrist before reaching around for the zipper. Tugging the dress down carefully, Tina nipped and kissed down along Quinn’s collar bone.

Quinn’s under garments are nowhere near as sexy as Tina’s. She went shopping with her very conservative mother and satin and lace wouldn’t fly under her watch. Instead, once her dress is gone, she stood in a light pink matching set with a few ruffles and a bow placed over her sternum. It didn’t matter that her underwear could be from a nunnery though because the way Tina was touching her, she definitely felt sexy. Stepping out of the dress pooled at her feet, she pulled Tina down with her onto the bed and cupped her face, pulling her in for a kiss.

Tina actually really liked the underwear Quinn had on. It was very her, and she thought that Quinn could make just about anything look sexy, so she really had no complaints. Tina returned the kiss eagerly as she positioned herself above Quinn. Running her hands up along Quinn’s sides and arms before pinning them above her head by the wrists. Breaking the kiss, she moved her mouth back down Quinn’s neck and clavicle, and teasing a nipple through the fabric of Quinn’s bra.

Shivering slightly at the light contact along her ribcage, Quinn allowed Tina to move her arms above her head before raising an eyebrow. “Why don’t you just tie me up while you’re at it,” she remarked sarcastically though Tina’s mouth teasing her neck and nipple quickly shut her up, instead causing her to buck her hips up slightly into the other girl.

Chuckling at both the comment and the reaction to what she was doing, Tina pulled away quickly, adding a little more pressure to Quinn’s wrists, but not enough to hurt. “If that’s something you’re into, we could definitely look into that,” she said teasingly as she slowly brought one leg up in between Quinn’s thighs.

“I don’t care what you do, just touch me,” Quinn panted out desperately. While the teasing had been fun at the dance and in the car and even up to the point where Tina was half naked in front of her, now that Quinn was lying on her back nearly naked as well with her girlfriend hovering over her, she couldn’t wait any longer. Hooking her leg around Tina’s, Quinn pulled the other girl’s leg closer to center and began rocking herself against it gently. “Is this what you meant by me rubbing off on you?”

Tina was now starting to get flustered at Quinn's desperation. Biting her lip, she moved her hands down to Quinn's hips and pulled her hard against her thigh. "Something like that," she said, her voice considerably strained. Leaning down, she managed to pull Quinn's bra off somewhat with her teeth before taking a nipple in her mouth, as her hands moved inside of Quinn's underwear to grab her ass. "Is this what you want?"

Quinn arched her back, reaching to undo the clasp and untangled it from her arms, throwing it off somewhere. She didn’t really care at this point. All she wanted was for Tina to continue what she was doing. Nodding and panting slightly as she continued rocking against the other girl’s thigh, Quinn reached out to tangle a hand into Tina’s hair. “Please. More.”

Once Quinn had tossed her bra aside, Tina’s hands went there first as she trailed kisses up Quinn’s chest before kissing her hard on the lips. Moaning softly into the kiss, Tina jerked her hips against Quinn’s hard. “God, you’re so fucking hot,” she gasped, jerking her hips again.

Whimpering at the added pressure between her thighs, Quinn arched her back up into Tina and moaned loudly. “So. When, oh God, when does the screwing senseless start?” She asked, panting between each roll of her hips.

Tina answered her question with one more rough thrust before pulling herself up. “Move up the bed more,” she said, nudging her along while placing random kisses along her neck. Once she was positioned where Tina wanted her, she tugged her underwear off quickly, before trailing kisses up Quinn’s legs. Easily, Tina’s favorite part of her body. Slowing down as she reached Quinn’s thighs, Tina nipped lightly in that area as one hand made it’s way to lightly graze over her clit. She teased Quinn’s entrance with one finger before slowly sliding it in.

Quinn reached behind her blindly for the headboard and grabbed the edge of it, her knuckles turning white as Tina’s finger entered her. “Oh, fuck. I love your fingers and your mouth and how you fuck me and make me come,” she babbled and rocked her hips up against Tina’s hand.

Just listening to Quinn speak was making Tina incredibly wet. "I kinda love it when you talk like that," Tina said against her leg, before moving up to flick her tongue against Quinn's clit. Adding another finger, she sped up their movements while using her free hand to straddle her clit with two fingers while slowly running it over with her tongue. "I also love the way you squirm beneath me. The sound of your moan. The face you make when you come," she said, pausing every so often to suck lightly on her clit.

Quinn loved when Tina got like this and didn’t even try to hold back the loud moans and panting as the other girl’s fingers fucked her. “You love sucking my clit, don’t you? I bet you’re soaking,” the blonde growled out as the knot in the pit of her stomach intensified. “You going to make me come? Come all over your fingers. Fuck, Tina... harder.”

Tina couldn't deny that, even if she wanted to. "I definitely am," she said, adding another finger and thrusting none too gently as she alternated between sucking and flicking Quinn's clit with her tongue, now aiming directly for her g-spot. "Come on, Quinn. Come for me. I know you're close."

“Oh, fuck. Fuck, Tina, I--fuck,” Quinn moaned, her voice becoming louder with each thrust. She was so close and with Tina using a third finger now, she wasn’t going to last much longer. Bucking her hips up hard, she could feel herself teetering over the edge as she babbled. “Fuck, Tina. I love your fingers and your mouth--” Feeling her walls convulse hard around Tina’s fingers she gasped and moaned out, “Fuck, I love you.” Wait. What? She was too far gone in her orgasm though and just kept bucking her hips to ride it out.

Tina froze in what she was doing, eyes open wide. Had she heard that right? Slowly lifting her head and pulling out her fingers, Tina looked up and waited for Quinn to meet her eyes. "You... really?" she asked, not knowing what else to say. She'd definitely heard Quinn say those words, she just wasn't sure if she meant it, or if she was just babbling through her orgasm.

“I...” Quinn paused and blushed. That really hadn’t been the way she wanted to tell Tina. She had been feeling like she was ready to say it since she asked the other girl to the dance but wanted to wait for the right moment. Screaming it out while coming definitely hadn’t been what she had in mind. “I do. Love you. If that’s okay with you.”

Tina had not been expecting it, but she found that not only did she not mind, it actually made her really happy to hear Quinn say it. She crawled her way up the bed until she was face to face with Quinn before giving her a small smile. "Yeah, that's okay with me. I love you too," she said, lightly brushing her nose against Quinn's before kissing her softly.

Quinn instinctively wrapped her arms around Tina’s waist and pulled her closer as she kissed her back. She figured after their recent declarations of love, the kiss should be kept sweet and gentle but she was growing anxious to touch Tina and couldn’t help it when she eventually slipped her fingertips past the other girl’s underwear, moving her hands down to cup her ass.

Even in the short moment of sweetness between them, Tina was still wound up and ready to go, and the feel of Quinn’s hand sneaking into her underwear was only making her all the more anxious. Deepening the kiss, Tina ground herself down on Quinn’s thigh. “Quinn, please,” she said, practically whimpering.

Quinn rocked back up against Tina and squeezed her ass harder as she kissed along her jaw up to her ear. “How do you want it?” She asked before lightly tracing along the shell of her ear with her tongue.

Moaning softly, Tina ran her hands down Quinn’s chest, lightly teasing a nipple with her thumb while she pondered exactly what she wanted Quinn to do to her. “Slow at first,” she decided on finally. “Agonizingly so,” she added. “Until I can’t take it anymore. And then I want you to fuck my brains out,” she finished, running her tongue along Quinn’s bottom lip before gently taking it in between her teeth.

Quinn bit back a moan as Tina pinched her nipple and did her best to concentrate on what she was being directed to do. “Well, I think I need you on your back then. And out of these underwear,” she said in between kisses.

“I think there’s something I can do about that,” Tina said, moving herself off of Quinn. Smiling, she reached back, unhooked and slipped out of her bra, tossing it somewhere in her room, before reaching down to take off her underwear. She prevented herself from simply tearing them off, but didn’t take too much time. Once she was entirely naked, she sat back down, leaning back on her hands, slowly spreading her legs. “Well?”

Just smirking the entire time, Quinn watched Tina undress, appreciating the sight before her. Once Tina was in place, Quinn moved down the bed and sat cross legged, positioning herself so she was between the other girl’s thighs, but scooted back some. She slowly began rubbing up and down Tina’s legs, her nails gently scraping every so often. “So, what was your favorite song they played at the dance tonight,” the blonde asked, purposefully making idle chit chat just to torture the other girl.

Chuckling, Tina took a deep, shuddering breath while she thought of an answer. “Um... Well, you know how much I enjoy Katy Perry. So I guess I’d say Teenage Dream,” she answered, moving her leg slightly so that it rubbed against Quinn’s. “What was yours?”

“Definitely the Cotton Eye Joe,” Quinn deadpanned as she worked her hand higher up on Tina’s thigh. “The lyrics are really deep and meaningful. And how can you not like a song that has it’s own dance?”

“I, uh... I guess you can’t not,” Tina said, a little surprised that her breathing was already becoming somewhat labored. But she didn’t want to start begging just yet, even though she was pretty desperate for Quinn to touch her. Squirming slightly under her touch, Tina bit her lip as her eyes fluttered shut. “Also, you look pretty adorable doing that dance,” she said with a small smirk.

“You just like watching me jump around so you can watch my boobs,” Quinn said with an eye roll as her hand reached the top of Tina’s thighs. Instead of moving towards the other girl’s center though, the blonde traced up past her hip then began slowly circling around her naval.

“Like the feeling isn’t mutual,” Tina said, groaning as Quinn bypassed the area she really wanted to be touched. “Fuck, Quinn, please.” Well, that didn’t last very long. Reaching up, Tina ran her hand over her own breast. She needed something. Anything. She would have been embarrassed, but she didn’t even care anymore. “I need you to.”

“Really? You’re giving up already? I always knew you greedy slut,” Quinn said as she traced around her stomach again then suddenly positioned herself on her knees in front of Tina, resting her hands on the other girl’s thighs. “Beg for it.”

Slowly opening her eyes, Tina held Quinn’s gaze for a moment before smirking. Pushing herself up, she leaned over as far as she could. “Please fuck me Quinn. I want you to so bad. I’m begging you,” she said, purposefully letting out a soft moan in Quinn’s ear before nibbling on her earlobe.

Quinn wasn’t convinced that Tina was on the brink of not being able to take it anymore, as was her request, so the blonde just pulled back slightly and smirked. “You’re going to need to convince me better than that, Chang.”

Tina practically growled in frustration, but she had asked for this. She was terribly temped to just move her hand down and start taking care of things herself. But she really wanted Quinn to. Still, it was something. Hooking one leg under Quinn’s, she scooted herself forward, planting a quick kiss on Quinn’s lips before resting her forehead against hers. With one hand stroking Quinn’s thigh, she moved the other down her chest and stomach slowly. “Fuck, please, Quinn. I seriously don’t know how much longer I can wait,” voice breaking slightly as her hand passed her stomach to rest along her pelvis.

The blonde did her best to keep her breathing even as she watched Tina trace down her body. “What are you trying to accomplish by getting me worked up again? Maybe I’ll just make you get me off again before you’re allowed to come. Maybe that’s what you want so you’ll really be going insane,” Quinn said then leaned forward and kissed the other girls neck in a brief moment of mercy.

Tina tried to smirk at Quinn admitting that she was getting worked up again herself, but she couldn't quite manage it. Leaning into the kiss, because it was something, and she just needed to feel Quinn against her, Tina let out a small whimper in Quinn's ear. "I don't think I could take it. But maybe I do like the idea of us getting off together, at the same time," Tina said, scooting herself even closer and hoping that Quinn was picking up on what she was suggesting. Moving the hand on Quinn's thigh up even more, she lightly brushed her hand across Quinn's entrance as she moved over to the other thigh.

She gasped at the brief contact Tina made before smirking. “Kinky,” Quinn said quietly and snaked an arm around Tina’s waist, pulling her a little closer. She wanted to tease a little bit more though so she said after a moment, “Why don’t you tell me exactly how you want this to work and maybe I’ll let it happen.”

This time, Tina did manage a smirk as she moved herself even closer than Quinn, but stopped before they were touching. "Maybe, huh?" she said, leaning forward to run her tongue along Quinn's bottom lip before sliding it between her lips. "I want you to grind your clit against mine. Bonus points if you top me. I think I’d like the view," she said, reaching up to rub her thumb against Quinn's nipple.

“Yes, maybe,” Quinn replied, her voice slightly shaky. Tina always did know how to get her worked up, which totally wasn’t fair since she was supposed to be in charge. “And I always knew you liked when I was in charge,” she said before rocking her hip forward until she made contact with the other girl. It was brief though and she quickly leaned back to her former position. “Is that what you want?”

Tina gasped at the contact, her eyes fluttering shut before springing back open once Quinn moved back. Schooling her face into an exaggerated pout, but she was willing to play along. "I do," she whispered in Quinn's ear. "I want you to stop teasing me and fuck me already. Please, Quinn." If there was one thing Tina knew how to do, it was how to stroke Quinn's ego until she got what she wanted. She didn't mind at all, as long as the favor was returned every so often. Tina snaked one arm around Quinn's back, while her other continued stimulating Quinn's breasts. And she made sure to interject a few well placed moans as she told Quinn what to do to her. "I want to feel you on top of me and ride me until I'm screaming and begging you for more."

“I don’t think anyone would ever believe me if I told them what a giant slut you are,” Quinn said with a devious smirk as she shifted again and pushed Tina more on her back before hovering over her. “Of course, you’re only my slut,” she said casually as she lifted a hand and moved it to the other girl’s chest, pinching a nipple suddenly. “Right?”

Tina let out a low hiss, instinctively arching her back while her hands gripped Quinn’s hips. “Yes,” she agreed, her eyes roaming all over the sight of Quinn hovering above her. “And I’m sure everyone would believe me if I told them how much you get off on being in control,” she said teasingly. “Not that I’m complaining,” she added. In these kinds of situations, Tina got off on Quinn’s control trips as well.

“Well I’m always in control. And you totally like it too,” Quinn said before leaning down more to catch Tina’s mouth in a rough and sudden kiss. She had been planning on making the other girl wait longer, but she was only making herself wait longer and that made no sense at all. Finally moving her hips, she ground her slit into Tina’s pelvic bone a few times before sliding down a little lower until she was over Tina’s center.

Tina didn’t get a chance to respond before was Quinn kissed her, already moaning into her mouth. Her fingers dug into Quinn’s hips as her own bucked up uncontrollably. Even though Tina found the teasing exciting, this was so much better. She loved the feeling of Quinn's body pressed against hers. "I do," she said finally, running a hand through Quinn's hair and bringing her lips to her neck. "I love everything you do to me."

Quinn let out a whimper as Tina’s mouth attached to her neck. Focusing extra hard, she kept her hip movements in time and ground down harder, into the other girl’s touch. “Well you better. Otherwise there wouldn’t be much of a point, would there?” She asked, letting out a groan after forcing out the words.

"Oh fuck, Quinn, yes." Tina cried out, letting her head fall back against the bed. Lifting one leg up, she wrapped it around Quinn's back, one hand tightly gripping her bed sheet while the other held onto Quinn’s shoulder. Every time Quinn ground down onto her, she moaned out, each one getting a little louder than the last. "Ah, fuck, don't fucking stop. You feel so good. So wet and hot. I'm already so close," she rambled before letting out a shriek as she bucked her hips up against Quinn’s, matching her movements.

The friction of their clits grinding together was making Quinn crazy and distracted. Almost too distracted to realize how aggressive Tina was getting. Except the naturally dominant part in her could never be too far gone to forget that she was in control. She moved a hand up to Tina’s shoulder and roughly pushed her back against the bed, pinning her down as she increased the speed of her hip movements. “Are you going to come for me? And scream my name? You better or we’re never doing this again,” the blonde said roughly before crashing her lips down onto Tina’s.

Tina let out a gasp at being pinned down, her eyes fluttering shut as her body writhed beneath Quinn's. She smirked at Quinn's little power trip, but couldn't stop herself, even if she had wanted to, from shrieking instantly at the added pressure. Tina moaned loudly into Quinn's mouth before she let out another shriek. "Ah, Quinn, yes!" Tina was very close now; her back arched and she didn't even know what she was saying anymore. It was just a slew of obscenities, before finally crying out, "Fuck, yes Quinn, I'm gonna..." and feeling her body begin to jerk uncontrollably against Quinn's body, moaning loudly, her legs tightening themselves around Quinn's hips, considering that she was still being pinned down to the bed.

“You’re so fucking hot,” Quinn choked out and bit her lip as she watched the other girl writhe and babble beneath her. As Quinn felt Tina come apart below her, the pit in her own stomach intensify briefly before she began coming as well, rocking her hips hard against the other girl until they were both spent. She panted a few moments before practically falling over onto her side. “Fuck... That was... just fuck,” she said between gasps as she tried to regain her breath.

Tina’s head was still in a daze by the time Quinn was rolling off her, but she did manage to get out a breathless, “I know,” before trying to calm herself down. Finally turning her head to look over at Quinn, she felt a tiny smile tug at her lips as her hand searched for Quinn’s. “I really do love you, you know,” she said softly. “I didn’t want you to think I was just saying it because you did. Or because I was like, horny.” Tina didn’t really know why she was saying all this, but she was feeling kind of open and vulnerable so now was the time to say it. “You drive me a little crazy sometimes, but you’re one of the most... awesome girls I have ever met. I love you.”

“I wasn’t just saying it because I was horny either,” Quinn said, turning her head away bashfully. “I mean... I’m glad that we both feel the same and things are finally good between us, you know?” She shivered slightly, now that she was settled down from everything it was a lot more apparent to the blonde that she was naked and it was winter. “Think we should put some clothes back on in case your parents check in?”

“I do know. I’m glad to too,” she said, reaching over to have Quinn face her so she could give her a quick kiss. At the mention of Tina’s parents, she perked up suddenly, and looked over at the alarm clock on her dresser. They still had a little time, but not much. “Boo, clothes. We should just get under my covers and... stay there.” Tina was half-kidding. But it sounded like a really solid idea when she said it out loud. “Or I guess clothes could be good. You can borrow something of mine, unless you wanna get back in your dress.”

Quinn stretched a moment and yawned, giggling slightly to herself for no particular reason. She must be loopy from all endorphins. “Much as I would like to stay naked with you for as long as possible, I agree that clothes might be necessary. And there is no way I am getting back in that dress,” she said, rolling her eyes slightly before pushing herself up and moving towards the edge of the bed to stand up. She had been to Tina’s house enough times to know where the pajamas were and she took out a pair of shorts and a tshirt for herself with a smirk. “I’m counting on you to keep me warm tonight.”

“I didn’t think so,” Tina said, waiting a moment to simply enjoy the comfort of her bed before getting up to join Quinn by her dresser. At Quinn’s words, she wrapped her arms around Quinn’s waist and placed a kiss on her shoulder. “I wont let you down,” she said softly before reaching forward and pulling out a shirt and pants at random. She tugged them on quickly before turning to Quinn. "Uh, did you wanna run downstairs and grab some like, cookies and cocoa or something?" Tina offered lamely, despite being pretty beat.

Following Tina’s lead, Quinn dressed quickly then turned to face the other girl, quirking an eyebrow at her. “I honestly just want to cuddle up and pass out. But uh... if you want, um, cocoa and cookies we can get that first.” The blonde was thoroughly confused.

Tina shook her head. “Nah, it’s fine. Cuddles followed by sleep sounds perfect.” Tina turned off the light, her room now only being lit by the faint overhead light on her desk and made her way over to the bed. Gently taking Quinn’s hand on the way. “And since tonight has been pretty perfect, that works out well.”

Quinn crawled into bed with Tina and pulled the comforter over the both of them before scooting closer and wrapping an arm around the other girl’s waist and burying her face in dark hair. “Tonight was perfect. And I love you. And... good night,” she said sleepily with a contented sigh and snuggled in closer, already on the brink of sleep.

Tina giggled softly, and curled up against Quinn. “I love you too. Good night,” she said softly, feeling her eyes grow heavy as soon as her head hit the pillow. She could already hear Quinn’s breathing evening out beside her. That night had been perfect, in pretty much every sense of the word. Tina still couldn’t quite wrap her head around it. But maybe that was for the best. She didn’t want to ruin this by doing what she normally did and thinking about it too much. Letting her eyes fall shut, Tina reached down to lace her fingers with Quinn’s before eventually drifting off to sleep.
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